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Partner with WorkPro and revolutionise the way you employ people.

If you employ people we will help you streamline the way that you screen and induct staff.

WorkPro is a simple yet robust online screening and induction platform.

The solution enables you as an employer to get your staff ‘work ready’ rapidly and compliantly from one simple web based system. It also gives individuals the opportunity to complete and share mandatory employment processes quickly and efficiently.

Providing services across Australia and New Zealand, WorkPro is fast-becoming the most powerful web-based employee screening, induction, compliance & information management solution available.

Be a part of the workforce revolution

Join hundreds of other companies who are already benefiting from the WorkPro platform.

Save time and effort by partnering with one company rather than managing multiple parties. Benefit from one single web-based sign in and one bill to pay.

As an employer, you have a range of things you need to do before your employee can start work. You need to make sure these are delivered and managed properly. WorkPro understands your needs and obligations as an employer. Our whole business is about making this process fast, easy and as compliant for you as possible.

Our Services are backed by subject matter experts, industry authorities and government bodies and we are committed to regular reviews and continuous improvement. You can be assured the module content is credible, authoritative and up to date.

With hundreds of customers already benefiting from the WorkPro solution, we can ensure the integration is seamless and that you are provided with a solid training program. Facilitate your internal operations, generate on the spot reports and free up time so you can go out and do better business.

Benefits of WorkPro

  • Enhance your business by centralising crucial employment requirements.
  • You can be up and running within a matter of minutes.
  • Benefit from compliance confidence through evidence based reporting.
  • WorkPro is the only provider to centralise this suite of core services.
  • WorkPro are accredited with the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) and VEVO and work with key specialists in their field to provide and maintain relevant and quality information.
  • The integration process is seamless and we provide a full training program.
  • Flexible pricing that’s affordable for any size business.

WorkPro can keep you up to date with industry knowledge and updates. We are passionately committed to imparting knowledge and information to organisations and individuals on current employment related issues.


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"We adopted WorkPro because it offers a specific hospitality module, and its web-based delivery means the candidates can complete their requirements in their own time, on a device that suits them. With instant email alerts of completion, and the ability for them to then share their safety induction with other employers in the future, we have found a greater take-up rate and acceptance of the completion of these fundamental requirements"
William Rule Managing Director, Zenith
“WorkPro has succeeded in reducing costs and ensuring high workforce standards.”
Zac McGuire Human Resources Co-ordinator, Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust
“WorkPro was an obvious choice as not only does it cut the time spent on OHS training in half, it is accredited by the RCSA, is in accordance with Australian OHS legislation; in line with the high professional standards of CQ Nurse; and provides candidates with tailored nursing modules.”
Katrina Caban Education Coordinator, CQ Nurse
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