Customers FAQs

Phone our help desk on 1300 975 776 and they will be able to assist

WorkPro username’s are standard – firstname_surname (the underscore is the key to the right of the ‘0’ on the keyboard. The person needs to press ‘shift’ key and this key together.)
If the person has a common name, then they may have a 1 or 2, etc after their name.

If the individual has forgotten their password, they can enter their username in the username area, and click ‘forgot password’ and an instruction to change their password will be sent to their registered email.

When an individual has completed WorkPro, they will receive an email confirming their CIN and PIN.
If the individual cannot find the email, they can access their CIN and PIN by logging in to WorkPro, and clicking on ‘profile’ on the right-hand side of the screen, and ‘custom’ and ‘workpro profile’. The CIN and PIN is seen at bottom left hand corner. If they cannot see their PIN, it is because they have not completed a WorkPro training module.

If a Police Check is rejected is will revert to ‘Paperwork completed’. The main things to double check are:

  • Have you signed page three, in the section ‘Verification office use only’
  • Has the applicant signed the ‘informed consent’ page
  • Has the ID been certified

Fix these, then resubmit.

If you have checked all of these points without success, refer to your user guides or call WorkPro.

To access anyone’s details, you will need their CIN and PIN. Without these two numbes, it is impossible to gain access to a person’s information. WorkPro also regularly communicate with anyone registered as a WorkPro employee to remind them to change their PIN to maximise the integrity of the system.

When an individual has completed WorkPro, your organisation will receive an email alert of completion, and their name will be automatically added to your organisation’s verification list. Due to the sheer numbers of names being added to your verification list, WorkPro automatically removes their name off the list, depending on the number of days that your organisation has elected. The WorkPro standard is 90 days.
If their name does not appear, they have either entered an incorrect MAC, your organisation has elected to have their name drop off the list in a short period, which has now elapsed or a technical issue has occurred.
Click on ‘verification’ and enter their CIN/PIN and ‘find’ to retrieve their profile.
Please do not have the individual re-register and re-complete modules. Call WorkPro, who can conduct a broader search of the database.

A number of things may have occurred:
a) They have not started their module
b) The module they completed has expired
c) They have partially completed the module
Keep in mind that you will have received an email alert when they complete ANY module, so check your emails before you contact us.

Once an individual has completed one WorkPro module, you have 90 days to verify their results or ask them to complete further modules without charge. After 90 days you will be re-charged.

WorkPro is mobile-enabled, so it will resize to the screen size. Having said that, WorkPro does not play the audio in the induction section on a mobile device.

You can recall the profile of past candidates/employees by entering their CIN and PIN in the top right hand corner of the Inductions/Training Results Verification screen.

An email with these numbers is emailed to the nominated email address when that person completes an Induction.

Be sure you have not ‘copied and pasted’ the number as that won’t work.
The MAC Number is 11 digits long and would have been provided to you in an email from the company that is requesting you to complete WorkPro.

Then you can call our 1300 number and so long as you can confirm some privacy questions about that individual, we can give it you.

No. Only the individual receives email alerts 90, 60 and 30 days in the lead up to the expiry date.
You can, however, filter by these dates in the Admin area.

You certainly can. That involves customising and you can speak to us about what’s involved with doing that.

Visa Check

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