FAQ - Prospect Candidates

Consider WorkPro as your portable work profile so that you can store and retrieve certain work related processes. WorkPro saves you time as once you have completed an induction through WorkPro, you can securely share your profile with any employer/agency in the future. So long as they use WorkPro and the module is still current (it was completed in the past 2 years for generic modules or past 12 months for Health related modules), then you don’t have to do them again.

Your employer has a legal obligation to deliver a generic WHS Induction to you before you start work so that you are aware of the risks and hazards associated with your role.
Completing an induction will also help you minimise the risk of you getting injured and so is a very important part of you becoming ‘work-ready’.

With our individual police checking portal you can go online, submit and pay for your own check.
You can also keep track of your tickets and licences by receiving email notifications in the lead up to the expiry dates.

WorkPro is mobile-enabled, so it will resize to the screen size. Having said that, WorkPro does not play the audio in the induction section on a mobile device.

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