We have already mentioned that induction training is an important part of a greater OHS and EEO management system and that effective training will reduce liability of employers.
It is one thing to deliver training to an individual, it is another thing to be able to prove that you have delivered it especially if challenged in a court or tribunal. Therefore, it is absolutely critical that you retain records that you have verified that one of your workers has completed induction training.
The benefit of WorkPro is that the information and method of delivery is consistent and paperless. When you log on to an individual’s Work Profile, an electronic record of such verification process is captured for future recall. Gone are the days of having to find pieces of paper and asking ex-employees about whether an individual did or did not complete training.
WorkPro is about making evidence of compliance easier to create, safer to store and easier to recall when you need it.

To access anyone’s details, you will need their CIN and PIN. Without these two numbes, it is impossible to gain access to a person’s information. WorkPro also regularly communicate with anyone registered as a WorkPro employee to remind them to change their PIN to maximise the integrity of the system.

To demonstrate compliance with OHS and anti-discrimination law, an employer or principal contractor is required to show that they have provided adequate instruction and training on the law and how to prevent breaches of the law.
Instruction and training is a central element of any employment law risk reduction strategy and an induction is the first critical step along the path to compliance in this area. If you are a recruiter, then it is especially important to provide on-hired workers with general inductions before being assigned to work because the ability to control the delivery of training once the person has been assigned to a client becomes increasingly difficult.

WorkPro is mobile-enabled, so it will resize to the screen size. Having said that, WorkPro does not play the audio in the induction section on a mobile device.

No. Only the individual receives email alerts 90, 60 and 30 days in the lead up to the expiry date.
You can, however, filter by these dates in the Admin area.

You certainly can. That involves customising and you can speak to us about what’s involved with doing that.

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