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Ministry of Justice Criminal Conviction Check Service

If you employ people do you police check them?

A Ministry of Justice check forms part of a robust screening and background checking process for organisations.

Processing an online police check through the NZ Ministry of Justice (MoJ) quickly provides a business with accurate information about an individual’s criminal history, allowing an organisation to consider this information to make an informed, educated employment decision.

There are two options available to companies when choosing to invest in a NZ criminal conviction checks. Organisations can flexibly choose between a ‘standard’ check or a ‘priority’ check, based on their needs, the timeframe they are working within and their budget.


Priority or Standard Ministry of Justice Check?

The primary differences between standard and priority checks is price and time – not only in the financial sense, but also in terms of lost productivity. A ‘standard’ application is free however it can take up to six weeks to return a final result.

The MoJ’s priority service promises a five day turnaround and is an attractive choice for businesses that need information swiftly in a hurry, this premium service attracts a small fee.

The ability to choose between these two service options certainly provides organisations with flexibility when it comes to selecting the best service level however, the Ministry requires an organisation to choose a service level for all of their checks and it is necessary to pre-purchase their annual estimated number of checks.

This arrangement is far from ideal for companies that have a range of needs for their Ministry of Justice Checks.
For companies that want to save time and money, going straight through the MoJ for an NZ police check is unlikely to yield the optimal result.


Is there a more flexible option for online police checks in New Zealand?

For companies that desire versatility in their police checks, choosing a single option for all of their Ministry of Justice checks is impractical. Many organisations may desire to prioritise application based on financial, recruitment and time constraints.

WorkPro offers a flexible Ministry of Justice Checks service across both standard and priority categories, so organisations can choose the right option for each staff member or employment circumstance.

As an approved Third Party of the MoJ, WorkPro offers organisations a service that is unmatched in New Zealand, with a streamlined flexible process across both priority and standard applications.

Choosing WorkPro ensures companies are able to lodge as many applications as they need for each category. This allows organisations to distribute their applications across the two options and realise the savings that come from this added versatility.

Rather than paying in advance annually, WorkPro’s solution offers a monthly payment solution in arrears – making it easier for companies to manage cash flow.

The users experience is incredibly important and with this in mind WorkPro offers a simple online application process which ensures a rich experience for both applicants and clients. The online application makes it easy for applicants to complete their Ministry of Justice Check paperwork ‘on the run’ In turn, the form will be automatically available in your account enabling you to quickly validate information and submit to MOJ electronically once the check is finalised the result will be available for you to transparently view and manage through your online dashboard.

Why Choose us?

Secure Portal – WorkPro is an approved Third Party provider of the NZ Ministry of Justice and is now able to provide a streamlined procedure to organisations to process and manage their criminal conviction history requests.

Choice – WorkPro provides you with a simple on-line application process where Applicants can complete the necessary paperwork for a check, and allows you to choose the service level you require for every single check.

Transparent and competitive pricing – WorkPro charges only NZ$22 per person for a Priority service and it’s Free for a Standard service. Invoicing is monthly in arrears.

Why choose when you can have both?

Ministry of Justice Criminal Conviction Check Service


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If you employ people you have a legal responsibility to ensure you provide WHS and EEO induction training for new employees to minimise the risk of work related injury.

WorkPro takes the complexity out of this compliance for you and provides an online solution that delivers and manages these mandatory training requirements. Easily and confidently fulfil your legal obligations, protect your staff and access your information whenever and wherever you need it. Benefit from:

  • Legally Approved Content
  • Web-based management, monitoring and delivery
  • A Friendly Pricing Structure


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