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Individuals and companies are becoming increasingly accustomed to the requirement for a national police check as part of the screening or hiring process. While in some circumstances an Australian police check will be declared mandatory, many employers, organisations and associations are now insisting on performing a national police check as part of standard employee screening.

WorkPro offers national police checks for both individuals and companies. By using the WorkPro system, individuals can quickly prove any criminal history, while organisations can be sure they are making an informed and educated business decision.

WorkPro’s national police check service also synchronises with the full suite of WorkPro software, making it easy for organisations to include a police check in their recruitment and staff induction process.

Why should employers use a national police check?

Today, organisations are placing greater emphasis on screening and probity checks. Alongside the screening process, a national police check may become a necessary tool as part of a risk mitigation strategy. This is especially true in industries that require a national police check in order for individuals to be legally eligible to work in the field.

For positions that require a high level of responsibility and personal integrity, a police check is an essential part of the recruitment process.

Many companies and organisations are operating under stringent timeframes and with few resources, so there is a desire to find a robust yet efficient solution to solve this screening requirement.

Choosing WorkPro allows businesses to quickly and easily satisfy their national police check requirements.

WorkPro’s online police check service offers secure integrated access to the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC), the Australian national database of criminal records to retrieve relevant data and results almost instantly.

With a simple application process, companies can also be sure they aren’t wasting time completing unnecessary forms. Combined with a range of other ancillary screening and induction services, means employers are able to easily build a robust employee on-boarding program.

How can a police check help employees?

Many employers are now choosing to utilise and rely on a police check as part of the employment process. By choosing to pre-emptively undertake a police check, individuals can streamline the hiring process.

For individuals, conducting a police check through WorkPro is a clever tactic to demonstrate their clean criminal record and their preparedness for a new position.

Being able to present future employers with timely background information demonstrates job-readiness, while also offering important supporting documentation for other parts of a background check.

Once the check is completed, individuals can prove the authenticity of a check to a potential employer through a quick, online validation process.

Are online police checks secure?

When individuals and organisations seek to conduct an online police check, a key concern may be the security of the system and processes given the sensitive nature of the information

WorkPro’s software is secured in line with the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC)’s stringent security and audit terms, and WorkPro regularly undertakes internal and external audits to ensure it remains in line with the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC)’s and the Australian Government’s legislated requirements.

The WorkPro system also manages the security, archiving and destruction of information in accordance with National Privacy Standards and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC)’s terms of service.

Not only does this create an incredibly safe system for applicants, it also reduces the administrative burden for organisations.

Why use WorkPro?

In today’s fast moving business world, we understand that companies need staff on demand and in many cases, waiting around for results for a criminal record check simply isn’t an option.

WorkPro’s simple on-line application process, coupled with sophisticated integration to the national criminal database means accurate results within moments.

The management of national police check paperwork and auditing expectations of the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) for criminal background checks are strict. WorkPro manages this compliance element on your behalf by securely storing, archiving and destroying the application form and result automatically, so there is no need for you to manually administer the national police check paperwork. This service is also fully integrated with the rest of WorkPro.

Here at WorkPro, we are firm believers that a thorough police check process should be available to businesses of all sizes, regardless of budget. With this in mind, we are proud to offer extremely competitive pricing. At only $25 per person for a Volunteer Check and $55 per person for Paid Employment Check, it makes WorkPro excellent value for money.


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