Most loved VIP reminds us of the importance of ‘Elf and Safety in the lead up to Christmas.  Part 1 of 4

Most loved VIP reminds us of the importance of ‘Elf and Safety in the lead up to Christmas. Part 1 of 4

Blog - 02/12/2016

For many, the Christmas period means business slows down, and companies look towards the preparation of end-of-year reports and perhaps even the obligatory celebratory end-of-year bash. However, for others, the lead up to the holiday season is often one of the busiest times of the year.

For WorkPro’s favourite customer, Christmas Eve is the most important day of the year. The service they offer demands them to deliver on tight time times, does not allow room for error, involves a high-pressured working environment and contains a varying range of hazards to address. With such frantic working conditions, they need the best team they can get and ensure they have a tightly managed, streamlined processes that allows them to function without a hitch. With billions of individuals worldwide demanding their services, holiday season planning has been in motion all year.

Santa Claus & Co, highly experienced in the demands of the Christmas period, know their business inside and out.  Much like other businesses in industries such as retail, transport, hospitality, for example, hiring extra staff at this time of the year is a vital part of the process. Ensuring the ‘elf and safety of these staff is critical. That’s why Santa Claus chooses WorkPro.

Santa, as he’s more affectionately known, appreciates the need to understand the background of who he’s hiring. Prior to employment, each of his elves undergo a thorough screening process which includes a police check and employment history check.

Santa recruits elves from all corners of the globe. With such a large proportion of his workforce being international, ensuring his elves have the correct ‘right to work’ is crucial. As part of the background screening process Santa also performs a Work Rights check to avoid fines. He comments; “This free service is such a valuable bonus to an already fantastic solution.”

“WorkPro also developed a custom safety induction for us, and now we’re able to quickly deliver, track and manage safety inductions, to ensure the ‘elf and safety of our workers and meet our legal compliance obligations. Last thing we want is a hefty fine from the North Pole Auditing Authority!”

“WorkPro also allows us to validate and ensure all licences are up-to-date for our workers to operate the machinery and avoid unnecessary wrath from Mrs Claus if an expired licence meant I couldn’t drive the sleigh”.

“WorkPro centralises all our induction, background screening and licence management process online. It assists us operationally, reduces the time to hire, helps us to meet our compliance obligations and keeps our elves safe.”

“For anyone wanting to know more, they’re welcome to contact me, but….I’ll be out of the office on the 24th and 25th December.”


If you want to find out more about WorkPro’s services, call 1300 975 776 or email

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