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Qualification Check

Make confident hiring decisions with official qualification checks

Falsifying academic qualifications is a common but dangerous practice that can cost your business big if you’re not diligent. Validating the qualifications of new staff is critical to ensure they meet job requirements and compliance standards.

WorkPro offers fast and simple qualification checks so you can hire confidently knowing your candidates are ready for success. Perform checks on-demand and track and manage your results from a personal online dashboard.

Qualification checks verify candidate name, institutions attended, qualification or certification attained  and date of graduation. It also provides the results and grades obtained for complete hiring transparency. View official certificates and store online in staff profiles that can be accessed anywhere, anytime from a single account.

Don’t put your reputation and results at risk by hiring the wrong candidate. Protect your recruitment at the source by ensuring all new staff are qualified for the job.

Start ordering qualification checks with WorkPro and make smarter HR decisions today.

Why Choose WorkPro for Qualification Checks?

Fast, Official Results

Order checks online with fast turnarounds

Smart Protection

Verify any qualification to make confident hiring decisions

One Dashboard

Order, track and manage your checks from a single dashboard

Global coverage

Check qualifications from institutions around the world

Avoiding the risks and dangers of resume fraud

There are a range of falsifications that candidates make at all levels of job applications, from junior positions through to executive roles. At every stage, education remains one of the most common fraudulent reported information – easy to report wrongly, but it’s something that can have a devastating effect on businesses who don’t protect themselves.

Hiring a candidate who does not possess the right qualifications exposes your business to more than just the costs of replacing them. If they do not have the right skills and experience they can damage key relationships, affect the timeline of crucial projects and hurt your business reputation as well as your bottom line.

The threat is posed not just to your HR budget – but to the goals and objectives you work so hard as an organisation to achieve. And that’s not including the resources needed to pull you back to square one after the mistake has been made.

Can you afford not to perform a quick qualification check?

WorkPro offers a complete range of on demand background checks for employers. With WorkPro, you can order, track and manage it all for your workforce from one powerful dashboard. Start screening smart and hire with confidence again.


What is included in a qualification check?

A WorkPro qualification check validates academic information directly with the listed Institution. A certificate is provided which confirms details about:

  • Institution attended
  • Dates of attendance
  • Qualification awarded
  • Dates of graduation
  • Student name at institutions


Which countries can be checked?

 WorkPro can validate academic records and qualifications from the following countries:Australia and New Zealand

  • Japan and Korea
  • Taiwan and China
  • Pakistan, India and the Philippines
  • Asia Pacific
  • Africa and Middle East
  • Europe
  • UK and Ireland
  • The Americas
  • USA and Canada
  • Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia

Instant Citizenship & Work Rights Checks

From as little as $400 annually, access instant Australian citizenship and work rights checks using our Department of Home Affairs' VEVO database integration. With full disclosure and auto-rechecks, compliance is assured.

Learn More

Learn more about qualification checks

How are qualification checks performed?

The following process is used to complete a Qualifications Check:

  • We contact the awarding institution to verify the details of the candidate’s education.
  • Details are collected, including dates of attendance, name of qualification and graduation date.
  • As standard, the highest qualification awarded will be checked unless otherwise requested.
  • Only higher education verifications are completed (i.e. beyond high school).

The verification process is managed via telephone, fax, email or directly with the institution. A formal report forms an important part of the process.

What do I receive as a result of the qualification check?

An official certificate of results is made available to you online. This can be accessed from the WorkPro dashboard.

Do you require consent from the candidate to complete this check?

To meet National Privacy Regulations express candidate consent is mandatory as part of the application process.

Are academic transcripts supplied as part of this process?

Educational institutes in some countries insist on receiving a transcript as part of the verification process. If this is the case, WorkPro will inform you of this requirement as part of the submission process.