Keep your employees safe, healthy and happy through these four HR suggestions.

4 ways for retailers to improve their HR processes

Updating your HR processes is one way to potentially improve employee performance and boost your retail business’s success. … Read More

What do you need to know about WHS in the hospitality sector?

WHS processes for the hospitality industry

The hospitality industry is an important part of the Australian economy, one that carries significant WHS concerns. Is your staff protected from hazards? … Read More

Is staff retention an issue for your business?

HR challenges for hospitality and real estate

Problems with employee retention are a reality for most Australian businesses, however it’s a particular concern for those in hospitality and real estate. … Read More

Small businesses are the backbone of the Australian economy.

Small business WHS: What you need to know

There are more than two million small businesses in Australia, all of which need to ensure their workplace health and safety obligations are being met. … Read More

Securing loose objects is essential for protecting construction workers.

Looking out for falling objects in construction

Falling objects present a significant hazard on construction sites in Australia, and Victorian workplace health and safety advocates are cracking down. … Read More

Poor ergonomics can have an impact on your workplace health and safety.

Are your office ergonomics up to scratch?

Office ergonomics can play a huge part in our workplace health and safety record, but can be easily overlooked. How can you optimise your office’s equipment? … Read More

Employee wellbeing can significantly improve engagement.

Employee wellbeing: The key to culture and engagement?

Research from Virgin Pulse has shown that employee wellbeing and company culture are critical factors for improving engagement. … Read More

Is your business ready for the gig economy?

Managing flexible workers in the emerging gig economy

Digital technology has allowed new methods of working to become popular with many Australians, but are the nation’s businesses ready to adapt? … Read More

Workplace bullying is causing problems for many Australian businesses.

New research on workplace bullying revealed

New workplace bullying research has shown the problem is growing in Australia, with women in particular finding themselves the victim of harassment. … Read More

Fighting an employee engagement slump is never easy.

Revitalising the engagement of long-term employees

Improving the engagement of your most experienced workers will allow you to leverage their expertise. How can Australian businesses avoid the “sophomore slump”? … Read More

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