Bullies at work can lead to an unhappy environment.

When is it bullying? 4 signs for employers to look out for

Workplace banter can be fun, but when does it cross the line? Here are the key signs all managers should monitor – and the best ways to handle them. … Read More

Bullying remains a significant workplace issue

Bullying remains a significant workplace issue

If there’s ever a time to invest in cultivating a mentally healthy workplace, it’s now.  With a 65% increase in claims since 2002/03, Bullying remains a significant workplace health and safety issue –  that negatively impacts the workplace culture and … Read More


Elf and Safety in Santa’s Workshop. Part 2 of 4

As an employer, Santa knows that the manufacturing of toys in the workshop is fraught with possible work-related injuries and illnesses. He also knows he has a duty of care to his elves and that he must ensure he meets … Read More


Most loved VIP reminds us of the importance of ‘Elf and Safety in the lead up to Christmas. Part 1 of 4

For many, the Christmas period means business slows down, and companies look towards the preparation of end-of-year reports and perhaps even the obligatory celebratory end-of-year bash. However, for others, the lead up to the holiday season is often one of … Read More

The first Company Officer charged under WHS Legislation highlights Due Diligence Obligations

Earlier this month, following the unfortunate workplace death of a worker in the ACT, an organisation, along with a Senior Manager of the organisation, deemed an ‘Officer’ under WHS Laws was charged with failing to comply with its health and … Read MoreRead More

NZ Bullying Guidelines are now ‘crystal clear’

Workplace bullying is a significant work hazard. It affects people physically and mentally, it can disrupt workplaces and reduce productivity. On the legal side, employers who don’t deal with bullying risk breaching a range of legislation and can be subject … Read MoreRead More

Teleworking – Has your organisation considered these 7 key safety obligations?

If any of your employees work from home, occasionally or as a regular arrangement, then you will be aware of the work health and safety obligations that apply to your organisation. You will need to implement appropriate guidelines, policies, procedures, … Read MoreRead More

The Practicalities of New Zealand’s WHS Reform Plan

A Taskforce was established in 2012 by the NZ Minister of Labour to conduct an extensive and broad reaching investigation in to the current NZ work health and safety model. The findings, presented late in 2013, recommended fundamental and sustainable … Read MoreRead More

Don’t get complacent about your on-hired worker obligations

It’s 2014  and the process of hiring and people engagement where compliance is concerned has changed forever – it is relentless and a full time role in itself keeping yourself informed about changes to legislation, employee rights, and legal obligations, … Read MoreRead More

New Workplace Bullying Laws – What you need to know

Revised anti-bullying provisions and the Fair Work Commission jurisdictions will commence on 1 January 2014. While there is still some confusion about the likely impact, it is clear there will be a significant period of trial and error, with possible … Read MoreRead More

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