What do you need to know about the Health and Safety Reform Bill?

Y2K Scaremongering Mark 2 – NZ Work Health and Safety

4 April 2016 was a frightening date for many New Zealand businesses, as a dark cloud loomed and cast a shadow over business owners and executive managers—the new health and safety at work laws. Leading up to this date, NZ … Read More


New Zealand’s new WHS regime means an organisational cultural shift.

Regardless of the sector in which your organisation operates and the number of staff you engage, if you operate in NZ you will be affected by the new WHS laws coming in to effect in April this year. Whilst the … Read More

Employee work health and safety inductions New Zealand

When managing a workforce, whether permanent workers, casual staff, contractors or on-hired workers you need to be concerned about mobilisation, talent retention and quality service delivery, while delicately balancing the need to meet and demonstrate occupational health and safety induction … Read More

There is an alternative to using Ministry of Justice for Criminal Conviction Checks

You may or may not be aware that the Ministry of Justice NZ has started offering the market an alternative to a ‘standard’ 20-business day turnaround on their criminal conviction checks or CCH’s. This is really great market progress and … Read MoreRead More

The Practicalities of New Zealand’s WHS Reform Plan

A Taskforce was established in 2012 by the NZ Minister of Labour to conduct an extensive and broad reaching investigation in to the current NZ work health and safety model. The findings, presented late in 2013, recommended fundamental and sustainable … Read MoreRead More

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