WOrld day for SAfety and Health at work


In this episode Luke meets with WorkPro’s resident software engineer Alan Korol, to discuss the new and improved WorkPro, whilst highlighting some of the amazing new features

We also have a chat with Steve Fletcher – Drake International’s National Work Health and Safety Manager. He shares his stories, wisdom and WHS best practice for the labour hire industry.




1.00 Alan Korol introduction

1.25 What does this re-write mean and what will the benefits be to our customers

2.11 Keeping up to date with latest trends and technologies

2.22 Importance of data security

3.12 Phase one – transition to the new police checking system

3.50 Future deployment of services

4.40 Introducing HunchBuzz – gaining feedback and suggestions from our users

5.50 The rate of change in technology

What does the future of WorkPro look like ?

7.00 Integration with partners

Automating processes

7.36 Benefits to candidates and customers agility

8.22 Introduction of new services

8.40 AK’s move to Melbourne

11.11 Steve Fletcher

13.00 Changes to safety

14.10 The importance of safety at Drake & Drake Safety

15.25 Work Health & Safety complexities in the Labour Hire industry

17.07 Changing attitudes to safety for Host Employers

18.20 Poor Safety Practice example – involving asbestos

20.30 Good news story – Proactive approach to Safety From Senior Management

22.55 Drake’s use of WorkPro and how it has benefited their business



  1. Prevention is better than cure
  2. Get everyone on board with safety



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