In this episode we meet with Simon Oldham from QJumpers to discuss key trends in recruitment and how to approach the integration of technology solutions to manage the complexities and challenges of an ever increasing volume of job applicants. Simon also provides key insights into the NZ marketplace and some broader tips on recruiting best practices.


0:00  Introduction to Simon Oldham, General Manager, QJumpers Recruitment Software

0:49  Summary of QJumpers Recruitment Software offering

1:34  Highlights of Simon’s professional background

4:40  The challenges Simon is seeing recruiters juggle: sourcing applicants; managing increasing volumes of applicants; use of mobile devices; candidate power and employment branding; integrating technology solutions and HRIS

10:30  Other logistical HR challenges and workforce compliance obligations: big data and reporting; NZ Health and Safety at Work Act 2015; Ministry of Justice checks

14:37  How QJumpers assists recruiters:  designed for decentralised recruitment processes, to get to the best people as quickly and easily as possible; saves over 6 hours administration time per job

20:06  How QJumpers came about

25:24  More on HR trends in NZ: highly-skilled versus low-skilled roles; retention as an increasing focus

31:01  QJumpers affiliation with WorkPro: integrating Ministry of Justice checks; aim to integrate more services as they become available

33:20 A few tips on recruiting best practices: create your own database/talent pool; don’t rely on one source for candidates; focus on the cultural fit of the individual



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