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Case studies


Candidate finds a simple solution to workplace safety

When Katie Eberhard decided to look for a part time job after a year of maternity leave, she approached an on-hire recruitment agency, underwent an interview and completed an OHS induction. When this agency couldn’t find Katie a suitable role, she applied for a role with a second recruitment agency who was able to simply check Katie’s OHS credentials stored in a centralised database, and get down straight down to the business of finding her the right job.

White collar candidate calls for mandatory WorkPro safety training

Recruiters face inherent difficulties in educating white collar workers and candidates about Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and the need for training in this area, particularly those in white collar roles. White collar workers are only just beginning to realise the importance of OHS within their own workplaces. While the hazards may be less obvious than those prevalent on a building site, they are no less important, and there is a greater onus being placed on recruiters and individuals to understand their importance.


Zenith Hospitality Staffing Solutions

Technology delivers the safety message to a young workforce

Zenith Hospitality Staffing Solutions was established in Brisbane in 1996 and supports the fast-paced hospitality industry with a talent pool of experienced and professional chefs, food and beverage service staff, bar staff and kitchen hands. Zenith focuses primarily on servicing venues that include international 5-star hotels, convention centres, sporting stadiums, caterers, clubs and premier restaurants, throughout south east Queensland, northern New South Wales and Western Australia.

Hoo Ha Bar

Combining fresh local food and drink in a relaxed, industrial-inspired atmosphere, Hoo Ha Bar is the latest venture to grace the burgeoning South Brisbane scene. Passionate about good quality produce, the cafe-meets-bar opened their doors in late March 2013. As a newly established business, the owner of the Hoo Ha Bar Anthony Lindenmayer believes that WorkPro’s web based work health and safety hospitality inductions are fundamental to the development of their new staff.

Pre-employment screening solution allows Horner to thoroughly and rapidly respond to client needs

For leading Australian recruitment agency, Horner Recruitment, delivering workplace safety training and conducting background checks on a diverse candidate base was a time consuming strain on resources. However, the clever use of technology has solved this issue for the agency, as the web based WorkPro system enables it to manage large volumes of white and blue-collar candidates on a daily basis, reducing both time and money spent on compliance.

How WorkPro reduced Rusher Rogers’ induction cost by 83%

Rusher Rogers is a white collar boutique recruiter specialising in permanent and temporary employment and a range of specialist HR solutions.

“Prior to WorkPro our inductions were inconsistent and we were spending up to one hour managing the process per candidate. Now candidates are able to complete their induction requirements prior to attending an interview. Email alerts advise of the completion of any process and we only need to validate the results or process a police check candidate prior to placement at a client site.” Rusher Rogers

ManpowerGroup New Zealand

ManpowerGroup is New Zealand’s leader in the creation and delivery of innovative workforce solutions and services that enable their clients to win in the changing world of work. Their services span the entire employment cycle including permanent, temporary and contract recruitment; graduate and project recruitment; staff assessment; training; outplacement; outsourcing and consulting.

Streamlining police checks to gain a competitive advantage

Across Australia, an increasing number of businesses are requesting workers to complete a police check as part of their screening and recruitment process. This requirement is also finding its way into tender for many businesses for a range of outsourced services. The efficiency of this process has become not only a risk mitigation strategy but a competitive point of difference in some sectors, particularly those with contracted workforces.

Peoplebank implements specific practices to deal with workplace stress

Workplace stress is becoming recognised as a serious workplace risk for staff and businesses. So, when it comes to managing workplace stress in complex partnerships – such as that of a recruiter providing contracted staff at a client site, where the recruiter is not directly responsible for the contractor’s day-to-day activity, and doesn’t see that individual every day – it presents a unique challenge.

Toll In2Store’s criminal check process enables rapid and thorough staff engagement

With 10-15 new staff joining its Laverton site every month, a time-efficient and reliable criminal history check process is fundamental to Toll’s talent management strategy. Since introducing a new, integrated system, the business has seen marked improvements in what was previously a disruptive process. The warehouse distribution centre, which services one of Australia’s major supermarket chains, currently staffs around 600 permanent and casual workers, and is growing steadily.