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Candidate finds a simple solution to workplace safety

When Katie Eberhard decided to look for a part time job after a year of maternity leave, she approached an on-hire recruitment agency, underwent an interview and completed an OHS induction. When this agency couldn’t find Katie a suitable role, she applied for a role with a second recruitment agency who was able to simply check Katie’s OHS credentials stored in a centralised database, and get down straight down to the business of finding her the right job.

For those candidates who have had the onerous task of completing OHS inductions for every on-hire agency they work with, this simple, once-off induction process, better known as WorkPro, has been a welcome innovation.

“I’m actually glad I did it because it only took 30 minutes, was very easy to navigate around the tests and was specific to office work, the type of work I was after. So even if I couldn’t get a job through the recruitment company where I did the OHS training, by the time I applied for a role with another Agency, all that was required was to provide them my WorkPro Customer Information Number and PIN, and they were able to confirm that I had completed my OHS requirements. They were then able to quickly place me in to my present job,”Katie said.

Katie is currently working two days a week in customer service. The office-based nature of her role means that she performs repetitive tasks using computers and although she is very happy with the conditions at her workplace, Katie says that she has always been conscious of health and safety.

“I’ve always been someone who looks out for myself, and now that I’ve got a child I am extra conscious about looking after myself. I’m also the type who looks out for my colleagues and fortunately, most of the people I know have the same attitude that I have on health and safety – because they simply have to. Safety is always at the back of your mind.”

“I think that a program like WorkPro’s online training makes OHS training a lot easier for the candidate to get through because it’s so user friendly. Additionally, you can complete the training in a short period of time, in an environment that suits you, at a time that suits you, and you will be sent a reminder when the time comes to complete refresher training, so you will be able to keep working,“ Katie said.

She found the training content was very relevant to her work, as the module she completed is designed for office-based workplaces.

“I believe a lot of OHS is common sense but I was able to take away quite a lot from my WorkPro training because there was plenty of other information included, such as how I can be covered if I had an accident at work and even simple things like the way I should be sitting at my desk to prevent back or neck problems. These are important things for all employees to know,” she said.

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