Toll In2Store’s criminal check

Toll In2Store’s criminal check process enables rapid and thorough employee engagement

With 10-15 new employees joining its Laverton site every month, a time-efficient and reliable criminal history check process is fundamental to Toll’s talent management strategy. Since introducing a new, integrated system, the company has seen marked improvements in what was previously a disruptive process.

The warehouse distribution centre, which services one of Australia’s major supermarket chains, currently staffs around 600 permanent and casual workers, and is growing steadily.

“We must do a background check on every new employee prior to them starting, however Toll’s previous paper-based, manual system would take between two to six weeks to return results. This proved problematic for the company, preventing rapid employee engagement, and ultimately slowing the site’s growth”, stated Matt Smith, Toll’s Employee Relations Manager.

“With such a large gap in the procedure it was proving a cumbersome employment process, and potential candidates were becoming frustrated. It also restricted Toll from making informed hiring choices, and from delivering the efficiency we needed for growth,” he said.

Toll introduced the WorkPro Criminal Check system nearly 12 months ago, and in that time has seen substantial increases in the cost effectiveness and quality of the hiring process.

“Now, we receive results from candidates’ criminal checks in as little a few minutes, so we can make an informed, educated and rapid employment decision, securing new recruits faster, and where we previously spent considerable time chasing candidates for their results, resources and effort can be devoted elsewhere.”

“Having addressed the Laverton site’s issues of inefficiency and inaccuracy in recruitment, the WorkPro Criminal Checks system has succeeded in reducing costs and ensuring high workforce standards,” Mr Smith said.

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