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In this episode we meet with Simon Oldham from QJumpers to discuss key trends in recruitment and how to approach the integration of technology solutions to manage the complexities and challenges of an
Podcast - 14/03/2017
EPISODE TIMELINE 0.00 Introduction to Nigel Harse, Founder of the RIBReport, the exclusive  benchmarking reporting platform for the recruitment industry. 0.60 An insight into Nigel’s background,

EPISODE TIMELINE 0.00 Introduction to Dave Clare  from ATC Midwest who earlier this year won the McLean Safety Award for their excellent Safety Culture 2.40 Dave discusses the history of ATC, which

If you employ or engage young workers, they may be at a higher risk of workplace injury.  A SafeWork Australia report (2013) found that the injury rate of young workers was 18 percent higher than for

In this podcast Luke speaks with the CEO of ITCRA Julie Mills who discusses the recent 'Defining the Future' Forums which took place in Melbourne and Sydney. Julie discusses why the separation of independent

In episode 3 of the WorkPro Files Luke meets with Jodi Sharman from Marsh Advantage to discuss cyber security, risk management strategies and why you should be using an insurance broker for your business. Enjoy!   [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLG3khxrn9E[/embed] EPISODE

In this episode Luke meets with WorkPro’s resident software engineer Alan Korol, to discuss the new and improved WorkPro, whilst highlighting some of the amazing new features We also have a chat with

In this first episode, our host Luke Mugavin speaks with WorkPro Founder Tania Evans. We discover how WorkPro started 10 years ago, the challenges and the exciting changes WorkPro has in store! This