Workforce Extensions is committed to ensuring our workers, visitors and hosts remain free from risk to their health and safety at work. 

We are committed to continual improvement of safety performance and the elimination of workplace injury and illness. In order to achieve this objective Workforce Extensions has partnered with WorkPro, the most widely used and recognised Work Health & Safety (WHS/OSH) induction provider, to deliver to our candidates easy to access WHS (OSH) online induction and training.

When you apply for a temporary position with Workforce Extensions, you are required to complete a range of pre-employment screening processes. By using WorkPro, you can quickly and easily complete your requirements on-line, and share the information with any potential employer in the future.

As an industry-wide solution, you may already have a WorkPro login. If so, sign in with your username, password and the MAC that we provided you.

If you do not have a WorkPro username and password, you will need to click below to register and create a digital profile before proceeding.