Container Safety


Access a simple, cost effective, online platform that delivers Inductions, Licence Management and Background Screening.

All in one place.

The container sector is hectic, the working environment changes rapidly and it's faced with multiple risks and hazards. It is also represented by a diverse workforce.

As an employer, you need to keep workers, contractors and site visitors safe and meet a range of compliance obligations. This can present a challenge under these working environments.

Using WorkPro, you can quickly deliver, manage and track:

  • A range of WHS safety inductions and guidance notes
  • The collation and monitoring of work-related licences and tickets
  • The quick provisioning of a broad range of background checks
  • Access to an end-to-end injury prevention and management solution

One Password. One Login. One Destination.

The availability of on-demand background checks.

  • National Police Check
  • Australian Work Rights Check

A simple platform to centrally store and manage staff work-related tickets and licences.

  • The availability of a simple dashboard to view and manage expiry dates
  • Access to management reports
  • Timely email alerts to you and your worker to remind your workforce of expiry dates

Practical and relevant content, tracked and reported via a single login.

  • Transport and Logistics
  • Transporting and handling dangerous goods
  • Container worker packing and unpacking
  • Container packing and unpacking for Supervisors

The availability of probity checks.

  • Credit Check
  • Employment History Check
  • Qualification Check


  • A single place to manage and monitor multiple workforce compliance elements
  • Practical, relevant work safety modules, kept up to date with subject matter experts
  • Evidence-based reporting
  • Automated email reminders
  • The opportunity to configure and customise the solution to suit your business

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"WorkPro can be relied upon to provide a fast turnaround, so we have been able to make quick yet informed and educated hiring decisions, reducing risk across a highly transient workforce."
Adecco, Australia
"The WorkPro program takes a lot less time to complete, and the questions cover a much broader content field, so our candidates are learning more, in less time. If there are any ongoing issues from candidates in relation to particular questions, the system will flag this so one of our consultants can be in touch and resolve the problem one-on-one."
Horner, Australia
"For us, delivering workplace safety training and conducting background checks on a diverse candidate base was a time consuming strain on resources. The clever use of WorkPro’s technology solved this issue for the agency, enabling it to manage large volumes of white and blue-collar candidates on a daily basis, reducing both the time and money spent on compliance."