Employees or contractors working remotely? Understand your WHS obligations.

Employees or contractors working remotely? Understand your WHS obligations.

Blog - 02/09/2013

Many Australians work in remote locations. Remote or isolated work in relation to a worker means work that is isolated from the assistance of other persons because of location, time or the nature of the work.

According to Tania Evans, General Manager at WorkPro, “Exposure to aggression and poor access to emergency assistance are the main factors that increase the risk of remote or isolated work.”

“Organisations need to address a range of regulatory and compliance obligation challenges; not least of all is how to keep workers safe in remote and isolated environments.”

In spite of our changing working dynamics, many companies and businesses are not aware Work Health and Safety (WHS) Legislation applies to all types of work and workplaces, including workplaces that are mobile, temporary and remote.

With the maximum penalty under the model WHS Act for a corporation ranging from $500,000 for a category 3 offence to $3,000,000 for a category 1 offence, organisations are required to be aware of their obligations to remote workers to mitigate risks and comply with current legislative requirements.

WorkPro has recently launched the new ‘working alone, isolated work and remote work’ ebook to assist organisations understand and meet compliance responsibilities and keep workers safe from harm. This ebook provides an understanding of what constitutes ‘remote and isolated work’, a legislative overview and how the risk can be managed within the workplace.

Download the FREE ebook here.

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