EPISODE 003 – Getting your insurance right with Jodi Sharman from Marsh Advantage
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EPISODE 003 – Getting your insurance right with Jodi Sharman from Marsh Advantage

Podcast - 05/07/2016

In episode 3 of the WorkPro Files Luke meets with Jodi Sharman from Marsh Advantage to discuss cyber security, risk management strategies and why you should be using an insurance broker for your business.




1.20 What is an insurance broker?

3.30 The types of insurance products available

4.10 Employment services sector. Jodi’s business has developed insurance products that are tailor made for the employment services sector and are exclusively available through her business.

6.10 Cyber Security. 60% of SME’s have been targeted and the reality is that if you haven’t been attached yet, it’s a matter of not if but when. She mentions that $1k worth of insurance will cover your business for up to $1 million.

8.03 Management Liability

8.20 O H & S

10.20 The potential for receiving bad insurance advice

11.29 You are buying a piece of paper

12.40 The many different aspects to think of when it comes to insuring your business “what if your supplier could no longer supply your business with the raw materials it needs to produce your product – what then?”

12.55 How quickly can claims be processed ?

13.14 Faulty heater causes house to burn down. Hear how Jodi and her team helped the family get back on their feet.

15.11 It’s all about relationships. Jodi explains how long she has had some of her clients.

15.45 Workers Compensation

16.40 Risk Management Funding and reasons to consider using this.

19.09 Debtors Insurance/Trade Creditors Insurance Protecting your business if a company you supply goods or services to goes under

21.40 Where are a lot of claims coming from?

22.05 The importance of police checking as a really good risk management tool.

23.50 Contamination from a disgruntled employee (from a person who turned out to have had a criminal history and a previous similar offence.

24.40 Product Recall insurance

26.00 How to get in touch with Jodi Sharman,
Jodi.Sharman@marshadvantage.com 0414 648 890



    1. Get an Insurance Broker to look over your business and current insurance policies to make sure you have the right Insurance in place
    2. Think about what Risk Management strategies you can adopt to protect your business. It need not be insurance, but look to strategies such as police checking your workers. It’s a small investment when you think about the ramifications if something goes awry.
    3. It’s been a common theme in our Podcasts so far, but be passionate about what you do. Jodi’s infectious personality makes something as boring as insurance sound exciting.

Until next time, stay compliant Australia and NZ!



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