EPISODE 005 – Young Worker Safety

EPISODE 005 – Young Worker Safety

Podcast - 22/09/2016

If you employ or engage young workers, they may be at a higher risk of workplace injury.  A SafeWork Australia report (2013) found that the injury rate of young workers was 18 percent higher than for those aged over 25.  Have a listen to our latest podcast with Amy Towers from Risk Collective, which provides valuable insights into the unique issues surrounding young worker safety and practical suggestions and tips that employers may consider to help keep this demographic safe.



0.00 introduction Amy Towers who is a Risk Expert in WHS from Risk Collective.

0.45 Why is Young Worker Safety such a hot topic right now?

1.38 Why are Young Workers at a higher risk of injury?

2.50 Amy gives a practical example of her own personal experience in dealing with a Young Worker

4.30 Why do only a third of Young Workers who are injured lodge a Worker’s Comp claim?

5.20 What are some of the common injuries sustained by Young Workers?

7.10 How important is Induction/training in helping to ensure the safety of Young Workers?

9.00 Delivering Inductions to workers is not a ‘nice to have’, It’s a duty under the Act’.

9.40 What role does technology play in delivering WHS information ?

11.00 The Stats
Every 4 minutes, a Young Worker is injured in an Australian workplace.
One in five injuries that occur are to a Young Worker

12.20 The brain of a Young Worker is not fully developed until the mid 20s. How does this affect their WHS risk ?

15.21 Amy speaks of her first job where she was given some pretty dangerous instructions as to how she cleaned the blade of a slicer



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