EPISODE 006 – Putting Young Worker safety into practice with Dave Clare

EPISODE 006 – Putting Young Worker safety into practice with Dave Clare

Health and Safety - 05/12/2016


0.00 Introduction to Dave Clare  from ATC Midwest who earlier this year won the McLean Safety Award for their excellent Safety Culture

2.40 Dave discusses the history of ATC, which is the largest employer of youth in WA and what has been the drivers behind the focus on safety.

4.50 Whilst safety had always been a priority at ATC, their had been some complacency so they aimed to move from a reactive to a proactive attitude.

7.04 Daves personal philosophy and a major catalyst for this change is ‘If I wouldn’t put my kid into that situation, I won’t put yours’.

7.30 Safety has to start with leadership. ATC made sure the infrastructure was right first. Safety has become the #1 core value. They moved from a compliance (process and head driven) to commitment (heart driven).

9.00 ATC leveraged technology and got ‘buy in’ and ownership from everyone by doing a Music Video (because kids love their videos).
The “I’m Safety and I know it” parody has gone viral with over 7200 views.

10.54 Emotional Safety is the biggest issue right now with Young Workers.
All ATC Field Officers are Trained in Mental Health First Aid. Insert Gold Medal Australia

ATC Midwest Receives the Gold Badge from Mental Health First Aid Australia

12.00 The change in focus has had a positive impact on reducing LTIs. They have only had one in 3 years and that was due to a breakdown in communication between them and the Host Employer.

13.01 The challenge from a metrics point of view is the difference between Lead and Lag Indicators.

14.00 Whilst every industry has its own ‘traditional’ risks, the one common risk among all is the Emotional risks (stress, bullying and harassment).

18.52 It is every adults responsibility to empower better lifestyle choices for our youth by giving them the tools ‘to say yes to the right things and no to the wrong things’.

20.05 Safety needs to be simple and accessible!
ATC no longer have a Full Time Safety person because Safety is everyone’s responsibility.

21.00 ATC won’t be resting on their laurels as Leaders in Young Worker Safety and will be looking at everything to ensure they continue to improve.

23.00 There’s a wrap – Dave plugs our E-book saying it is a critical document and that every person that employs Young Workers should read.  (Disclaimer Dave Clare was not paid for this comment.)

Trust you enjoyed the final WorkPro Files podcast for 2016.
See you in 2017 where we will have adopted our own new technology to enhance the quality of the audio!!!
Have a Merry and Safe Christmas.


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