EPISODE 007 – Using recruitment Industry benchmarking to transform business performance

EPISODE 007 – Using recruitment Industry benchmarking to transform business performance

Podcast - 14/03/2017


0.00 Introduction to Nigel Harse, Founder of the RIBReport, the exclusive  benchmarking reporting platform for the recruitment industry.

0.60 An insight into Nigel’s background, how his 40+ years in the industry have taken him from a temp desk in Bristol, UK to a move to Australia and the establishment of of Aquire Personell, the fastest growing, most profitable firm around at that time.

2.09 An introduction to the RIBReport and how it helps owners/business managers understand the intricacies of business performance.

2.22 What metrics are measured for the analysis.

3.00 How data intelligence assists business performance.

5.00 Overcoming concerns sharing financial information, via reassurance of a business built on trust, bank grade security, unique portal access and 130 recruitment firms in AU and NZ who provide their data monthly.

7.11 How the data allows for peer comparison. What percentage of GP are you spending on marketing? You’ll be shocked to hear the standard.

9.25 Understanding key metrics and which ones are the most important when analysing the business.

10.08 The way forward. Expansion plans into the UK, how the data is growing and the potential and opportunity.

11.25 The next big challenge the industry faces.

13.34 For the agencies wanting to improve, Nigel provides insights into what is needed.

15.23 The Wrap. Where to go for more information. Nigel shares his personal contact details, invites you to meet, connect and extends an invitation to attend Recruitment Yarns events.


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