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WorkPro for Individuals

My Account

How do I know if I have previously registered for a WorkPro account?

If you’ve previously registered for a WorkPro account, then you will have received a confirmation email from WorkPro advising your username and confirming your registration.
Please check your email inbox and/or spam/junk folder for this email.

I’ve forgotten my WorkPro Username and/or password – Is there a way I can check to see what they are?

If you forgotten your username, click on the ‘Forgot My Username’ link. If you have forgotten password, click the ‘Forgot My Password’ link. In both cases, you will need to provide the email address associated with your registration.

This will send you an email so you can find out and reset this information.

Important note: If you have multiple registrations with the same email address, you may need to contact WorkPro for this information.

What is a CAPTCHA code?

A CAPTCHA code allows WorkPro to verify that it is a human trying to register, not an algorithm or robot.

When I try to submit my registration, it says INVALID CAPTCHA code – what does this mean?

If your registration is saying that it is an invalid CAPTCHA code, ensure that you wait for the green tick before pressing submit on the registration.

Device Support

Can I use WorkPro on my mobile phone?

You can use WorkPro on a mobile device. For the best experience, WorkPro is best used on a PC, laptop or tablet.

Important note: We are always improving WorkPro’s compatibility with mobile devices.

What web-browser should I use for accessing the WorkPro platform?

For the best WorkPro experience, we recommend using an up-to-date version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. WorkPro will however work with the latest version of all modern browsers.

What Happens Next?

My police check has been referred – How long until I know the outcome?

It can take up to 20 business days for you to know the outcome of a referred police check.

I just finished a module – What happens next?

Your recruiter/employer receives an email notification to advise them that you have completed the requested module.Important note: There may be other modules or tasks that you need to compete.

Please check the email sent by your employer or recruitment agency for details of any additional modules or tasks.

I have completed a WorkPro module as part of a previous induction – Do I need to do this again?

All successfully completed WorkPro modules are valid for 2 years. You can redo a module at any time – however this is only within two months of the expiry date

WorkPro for Business

My Subscription

Can I swap between agreements during a contract?

You can change your subscription level and add additional services at any time during your Agreement period with no penalty.

Simply contact us to advise which package you would like to move to  and additional services you’d like enabled. Upgrades can be made instantly so you can start using it straight away, or in your next billing cycle.

To discover which package is right for you, call us to discuss your business needs and we can help you decide!

Does a WorkPro subscription include ongoing support?

Every WorkPro subscription includes comprehensive training and ongoing support for your business as well as your users.

After your account is activated, we facilitate 1-on-1 and group training sessions for your staff to get you up and running quickly. This can be delivered via

webinar or in-person depending on your requirements. Training focuses on core WorkPro features and functions, as well as how your business can implement WorkPro into current HR processes for a powerful streamlined solution.WorkPro offers live phone and email support for clients and candidates to answer questions answered fast. Phone support is open extended hours from 8am – 8pm

What does implementation look like?

Getting started with WorkPro is simple and the platform integrates seamlessly with any current HR and onboarding process. Unlike other HR software, which can take 3-6 months to implement, you can start enjoying your new WorkPro dashboard and streamlining your compliance today in a matter of hours.

WorkPro is an online cloud-based platform which means it can be accessed and managed anywhere, anytime with a single login and password. After activation, which can be done in a matter of moments, all features can be used straight away.

WorkPro can be used for business as a stand-alone platform or as part of an integration with your existing HR software. See our Marketplace for details or contact your software vendor to ask about a WorkPro integration.

What services are included in a WorkPro induction?

WorkPro packages all include full access to the broad modules library. Each subscription comes with ongoing support and training, live support for your business and users, and your own WorkPro dashboard to deliver, track and manage it all with ease.

The dashboard accesses staff profiles which store integrated records and results from every footprint your users make. An intuitive layout with powerful overviews and traffic light colours highlights the critical items and makes decision making faster.

The all-in-one WorkPro platform makes puts all of your workforce training and compliance in one place for company-wide reporting and control like never before.

Can you configure WorkPro?

The WorkPro platform is fully customisable and configurable to help your business deliver, track and manage training and compliance your way.

Configure induction packages that makes for easy requesting and establishing a standard for your business. These allow you to find and report on the unique attributes of staff and candidates that make sense to you.

Add the customisation upgrade to use your brand identity on the platform and enhance user experience for your staff and candidates by uploading your own content. This includes a branded login page, your own logo across the platform, and the ability to finely tune inductions and e-learning to suit your specific needs.

Customisation gives you the power to upload and host your own content, build your own modules tailored to your business, and change which modules are available for users in the library. Why build and maintain your own training platform when you can brand ours?

How many users can we have with our subscription?

WorkPro offers three subscription packages to suit businesses large and small.

The Bronze package (up to 150 users annually) is perfect for light use, Silver (up to 250 users) is a great medium option and the Gold package (up to 500 users) provides large businesses with the quantity needed for big workforces. If you are looking for a 500+ user solution, we can tailor an Enterprise package that will match your exact requirements.

If you’re a small business looking for a flexible solution to get started, a casual WorkPro subscription can be selected which starts at just $24 per user.

What reports are available from WorkPro?

The WorkPro platform provides businesses with an all-in-one training and compliance solution for their workforce. This allows for powerful filtering and reporting.

You’re always one click away from a range of smart filters to quickly check, monitor and track your workforce progress. Deep dive on the data you need to make decisions fast, then run and print reports instantly to stay accountable and in control at all times.

Every footprint your candidate leaves in their online induction and e-learning, background checks and document uploads can be found and used for reporting.

WorkPro information is stored in dynamic staff profiles which include all records for each staff member across all services.

Candidate Dashboard

How long does a candidate’s information appear in my dashboard?

Candidate details remain visible and searchable from your WorkPro dashboard permanently unless they are deleted or archived. You can do this by clicking on the filtering function on your dashboard.

WorkPro automatically manages the secure storage, archive and destruction of sensitive reports and documents in line with current Government requirements. For this reason, results of background checks may not be accessed after a certain date. This ensures your business is compliant with auditing requirements from the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) and similar authorities from which checks are obtained.

For more information about document storage and time periods of results, please contact us.

How does WorkPro have access to instant work rights checks?

WorkPro integrates directly with Department of Home Affairs the VEVO database so users can perform Work Rights Checks from inside the platform, instead of needing to login to VEVO every time. We make this available as part of our official partnership with the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs.

Verifying work rights for overseas candidates is a legal obligation for all Australian employers, but It’s previously been a burden on time and resources for HR departments everywhere.

WorkPro makes the process simple with an easy online ordering process, which includes the ability to send bulk requests, and track and manage results under staff profiles in a single dashboard. Constant monitoring is critical too so we’ve made it easy by automating expiry notifications. This coupled with a robust filtering function means suddenly checking work rights is no longer an administrational burden.

How does WorkPro manage privacy?

WorkPro makes privacy of candidate and staff information simple for businesses by managing it for them in an online solution.

All sensitive data is tracked, managed and stored in the WorkPro platform automatically in line with Australia and New Zealand’s Privacy Acts). WorkPro ensures your HR department is always compliant with current privacy laws.

WorkPro also manages the secure storage, archival and destruction of sensitive information and documents in line with current Government requirements. For this reason, results of background checks may not be accessed after a certain date. This ensures your business is compliant with auditing requirements from the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC), NZ Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and similar authorities from which checks are obtained.