Halve the cost of your induction program in 3 easy steps

Halve the cost of your induction program in 3 easy steps

Employee Inductions - 11/07/2016

Bringing new people into your organisation is undoubtedly an essential part of running a business. Staff turnover in any business is an inevitable part of the journey, but it should be seen as an opportunity, not a source of frustration.

There are costs involved with employing new people, much of which come from training and the induction process. According to Forbes, the amount companies around the world are spending on training has been skyrocketing since 2010, to over US$130 billion in total.

There are, however, opportunities to start making savings right from the earliest stage of a new hire. By reevaluating your induction process and establishing new systems, your organisation could save itself a considerable amount of money.

An effective induction program can save your business money.
An effective induction program can save your business money.

Here are three ways you can significantly reduce your induction program spending.

1. Train up some existing staff to help with inductions

Whatever industry you’re in, there are likely no better people to get new recruits started in your company than existing staff. They’ve not only built up a level of experience from their own time at the business, but they themselves were once in the position of the incoming employee.

Making use of internal resources is always a great strategy; existing staff have hands-on experience with your systems, can be an empathise with newcomers and establish the company culture.

The more new hires you take through your induction program, the better it will become.

2. Have clear objectives

Working out precisely what needs to be covered in the induction process is a surefire way to ensure the process runs smoothly every time. It may be helpful to devise an itemised list to ensure there are no missed steps or inefficiencies.

Having to repeat stages of the program, or including unnecessary elements, can slow things down and cost time and money, so create a solid, reusable framework.

3. Sign up to an online induction solution

Understanding that induction is a hugely important part of recruitment and training, some companies have developed ways to make the process easier for Australian businesses. Reaching out for the support of professional, experienced experts to craft and deliver your induction program can increase its efficiency, helping to engage new hires from day one and allowing them to get on with the job sooner.

Online induction solutions are flexible enough to adapt to the unique needs of your organisation and its employees, as well as accommodating any changes in workplace health and safety legislation. For a more comprehensive solution – and one that can save you money – speak to an expert about online induction software today.

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