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High performance HR: our best posts of 2017

Whether you’re mentally preparing for the huge Christmas party ahead, or practicing your game face in the mirror for another crazy festive season (looking at you, retailers), September is the perfect time to ensure your WHS is well oiled and firing on all cylinders.

HR is always a changing landscape, and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest news, trends, and research that’s shaping the industry.

People are what make the difference in business. They make your brand unique, creative and compelling for your customers. They’re the engine room of success, and the attention to give them holds the key to a happy, healthy and high-performance workforce.

Just like a high-performance vehicle, your people won’t dominate out there on the tracks unless you ensure they’re serviced regularly and given the attention they need.

So to help you stay on top of your own HR policies, we’ve rounded up all of the best and most popular blog posts from 2017 so far below. They include tips, tools, and resources for employers to start applying straight away to help them score some big results in the workplace. Enjoy!

Employee wellbeing: the key to culture and engagement?

Research from Safe Work Australia showed staff anxiety, sadness and depression can cost employers up to $6 billion each year. It’s probably costing you right now – but what steps can you take to fix it?

Hitting sales targets and smashing revenue projections comes from a motivated, excited and engaged workforce. But as many employers in 2017 know, it’s not just financial incentives that drive employees to aim high at work. You also need to think about policies for wellbeing.

This post shares more research along with powerful insights and tips for employers to start making staff wellbeing a priority today.

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Managing flexible workers in the emerging gig economy

New technology has made remote work and freelancing more popular than ever before. There’s been a big surge in workers dialing into workplaces, and knocking out some work from the comfort of their couch (or a beach in Thailand).

It’s being called the ‘gig economy’, and it includes 4.1% of the Australian workforce. Some sources suggest up to 40% of workers in the US will be freelancers as early as 2020.

But how can employers take advantage of this? How can you approach this to get the maximum benefit for your team and your output? See all of the answers in this must-read blog post.

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Proactive Vs Reactive Safety

In Australia, we’re quick to condemn work health & safety breaches of other companies. Think back to the notorious Dreamworld tragedy that happened towards the end of 2016. All of us wonder how these accidents could have possibly occurred – but how often does that make us review our own safety practices as a result?

All of us wonder how these accidents could have possibly occurred – but how often does that make us review our own safety practices as a result?

There are two types of WHS approaches you can take. Either you’re on the front foot about protecting your business and your people, or you’re reactive. Read the signs of each and how you can easily start putting systems in place to be proactive and avoid accidents.

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High performance HR

Revitalising the engagement of long-term employees

What happens when one of your loyal soldiers begins losing interest and dropping their output? Every manager has been there. It’s a frustrating and sometimes anger inducing issue, particularly when it’s someone you’ve relied on to produce quality work for a long time.

Realistically we can’t move at 100 miles per hour all the time. Everyone hits a temporary slump. But it needs to be exactly that – temporary.

This post shares some signs that your long-term army is slowing down, how to pick it early, and what you can do to revive their motivation and keep them soldiering on with a smile.

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Creating an effective workplace culture

What’s the fastest route to a naturally motivated and effective workforce? Make your office or company a great place to work. Focusing on enhancing the environment around your staff is a sure way to a drop in sick days and a rise in hours spent toiling away on the job.

After all, if you’re spending 40+ hours in one place, working closely with one bunch of people, wouldn’t you want to make it a positive experience?

Check out this blog post for further insight into the power of building a culture, along with real life strategies you can start using to jumpstart yours today.

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Follow our best tips from all of these articles to ensure your HR processes are ready to fire for the rest of the year. It could mean the difference between a happy and engaged workforce that’s pumping out great stuff through to Christmas or a tired one that’s ready to throw in the towel early.

Service your HR now to enjoy some high-performance results to sign off 2017 with a bang.

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