Hiring plans to remain steady for most Australian businesses into 2015

Hiring plans to remain steady for most Australian businesses into 2015

Employee Inductions - 23/01/2015

As far as New Year's resolutions go, Australian businesses don't seem to be focussing heavily on altering their recruiting plans. According to a report from the ManpowerGroup*, the majority of Aussie companies expect to keep their hiring processes fairly steady into 2015.  

The data showed that 19 per cent of employers plan to increase their hiring activity in the next quarter, but well over half (68 per cent) will adhere to the status quo. Small businesses, however, expressed the greatest confidence in employment forecasts, revealing that this sector may be looking to bring new workforce members on board during the next few months.

Despite a relatively modest report, the survey still indicated positive hiring intentions, even if rates aren't set to increase. 

Whether companies are seeking to increase their talent base or replace departing workers, they can benefit from a strong hiring and onboarding process. Reducing the time it takes to collect and process candidates' information can help turn prospective employees into strong contributors more efficiently. A polished, simplified procedure is also a great way to make a strong impression among applicants, which could position companies as preferred employers in their field.

Organisations looking to improve their hiring and staff induction processes may want to take advantage of leading technology solutions to centralise and streamline their activities. WorkPro offers a service that centralises data and resources to assist with the onboarding process from hiring to training.

In addition to having instant access to visa checks, pre-employment screening and more, HR professionals can use the system to track and validate educational activities, compliance forms and other aspects of employment documentation. 

To grow and strengthen their operations, enterprises rely on their key resource: their people. The right tools can help companies as they work to develop their talent base, making hiring and training processes both more efficient and effective. 

*ManpowerGroup, "New data shows hiring pace in Australia is expected to remain modest in the New Year: Manpower Employment Outlook Survey Q1 2015".

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