How do I know if my employees have working rights in Australia?

How do I know if my employees have working rights in Australia?

Visa Check - 07/07/2015

You hired a few workers from abroad, asked to see their passports and made sure they'd obtained the appropriate visas. Problem solved, right? Wrong! 

As an employer, you're obligated to follow a specific visa checking process to verify and track your staff's working entitlements. You need to ensure all employees have the right to work in Australia and know the terms and timeframe of their permissions. 

How do you go about this process? The Department of Immigration has a Visa Entitlement and Verification Online (VEVO) service that allows you to check working rights for free over the web. To use this online program, you need to be a registered organisation and have permission from the worker whose rights you want to check. You should also collect their passport details to complete the process and have on record.

Keep in mind that your job isn't over once you've finished the initial check. In some cases, you'll need to monitor and track your workers' visa status, especially if they'll need to apply for a new visa before the termination of their employment. Therefore, having a system in place to help you remember and organise these tasks will prove useful. 

To make it easier to complete these steps and remember to follow up on the status of your staff's visas at the right moment, WorkPro developed a streamlined visa checking service for our clients. It's the only solution in Australia that's integrated with VEVO, providing instant access to transparent, up-to-date information about your employees' work rights. It also sets calendar reminders so you don't need to worry about remembering to re-check your workers' details.

Keep in mind that it is a criminal offence to employ a foreign national who doesn't have the right to work in Australia, and fines can exceed $100,000. It's your responsibility to check work entitlements, but that doesn't mean this task needs to be a burden. With a process that simplifies these steps as much as possible, checking your staff's visas can be a simple, fluid part of your inductions procedure.

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