How Santa’s over imbibing helped to improve the companies approach to workplace ‘Elf and Safety. Part 3 of 4.

How Santa’s over imbibing helped to improve the companies approach to workplace ‘Elf and Safety. Part 3 of 4.

Uncategorized - 13/12/2016

With the next phase of ‘Operation Xmas’ underway, Santa must now turn his attention to the main event – delivering the presents on time. With all eight reindeer cut like a stallion on race day, champing at the bit, nostrils flaring, carb loaded and ready to hit the skies faster than Bolt on a gallon of Red Bull, Santa must also be on his A-game.

At Christmas, many of us tend to loosen our attitudes towards the ‘healthy eating’ goals we set ourselves in January. It’s cold at the North Pole, we all know what a little winter spread feels like – as for Santa, it keeps him warm and there’s more to love, but is he ‘fit for purpose’? Brand image intact, Santa has to ensure he is fighting fit to brace the cold conditions and the demands of the night. (Cue Rocky music).

You know that feeling when you don’t want to have to stop yourself from grabbing a third helping at the seafood buffet, politely declining that extra bowl of pav from your Nan or a cheeky glass or three of celebratory processo? For Santa, refusing kid’s thank you gifts is against North Pole hospitality etiquette.

However, a cheeky sip or million, of sherry or VB at each child’s house can land him over the limit and in hot water. After a rather indulgent Christmas party with the elves back in 1963, Santa was found playing an impromptu game of strip poker, dancing on the table to Johnny Farnham ‘You’re the Voice’, telling the elves over and over he loves them and texting a string of ex-girlfriends. Dehydration, nausea and an ill-timed lust for Mrs Claus followed, so she intervened. Santa Claus and Co now issue an alcohol policy. Santa and his elves follow these policies scrupulously, it helps management to deal with any issues that may arise, helps them meet their legal responsibilities to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all elf employees…and it avoids him spending the night in the deer-house…

When on the road, Santa has other hazards to address such as ‘safe handling’. When loading and unloading the sleigh, he needs to ensure the tasks related to the restraint and containment of loads are carried out safely. The risk of fatigue is another issue, so he makes sure he takes recorded breaks; he has an agreed working alone safety plan in place to prepare for emergencies and how he will respond to them.  He makes sure he has a first aid response action plan and carries a satellite phone, but he also must make sure he minimises risks and any other dangers he may come across such as high risk zones – environmental hazards and low-socio economic areas.

How do Santa & Co. manage all of this properly?

For peace of mind and compliance confidence Santa and Co. choose WorkPro. WorkPro’s Health and Safety inductions provide all the training and reporting transparency required, the system provides tailored modules for risks specific to their unique line of work, keeps the elves safe and the company compliant to standards issued by the North Pole Auditing Authority, AND he’s able to track and manage his licences so that he’s ready to drive the sleigh…jingle bells, jingle bells…

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