How To Build The Perfect Transport and Logistics Induction

How To Build The Perfect Transport and Logistics Induction

Read - 28/03/2019

The transport industry offers many different roles within the supply chain. In order to meet the different demands that your business may have when it comes to inducting new workers, WorkPro offers a range of modules to allow you to customise your safety learning inductions, including a general transport safety module, container safety modules, forklift safety modules and a handling dangerous goods module. Each module allows you to tailor your safety induction based on the role the new worker is performing, as well as cross-training workers to further their role.

Transport and logistics modules 01 - How To Build The Perfect Transport and Logistics InductionTransport and logistics modules 02 - How To Build The Perfect Transport and Logistics Induction

Background Checks

Modules aren’t the only key part of a worker induction. You need to consider background checks, and the evidence of particular licences or accreditations depending on the person’s role and industry as part of an induction in order to mitigate risk in your business. Background checks are important for revealing any undisclosed information needed to make informed workforce decisions. Common background checks include citizenship and police checks.

Citizenship checks – This allows you to understand the citizenship and work rights of those you are hiring. If the employee is an Australian citizen, then they can provide evidence of this through an Australian birth certificate, passport or citizenship certificate.

If they are a non-Australian citizen, then the candidate is invited to upload their passport information, and a copy of their passport to WorkPro. This means that you can validate their work rights quickly and simply, using our seamless integration with the Department of Home Affairs’ VEVO database.

Police Check – A national police check reveals the Australian criminal history of any candidate as of when the check is requested. This means you understand who you are hiring, and any potential history they may have with the law. You don’t need to leave the WorkPro platform to perform this check, as the process is seamless, and 100% online. 85% of checks are returned within minutes, and the service is available on any device. WorkPro’s platform also automatically manages the archiving and destruction of information in accordance with ACIC requirements.

Collecting and Monitoring Accreditations:

It’s important to consider how you are collecting and monitoring key documents, in order to ensure your workforce are qualified, and that qualifications and accreditations remain current to undertake specific tasks.

Examples of key documents that may need to be collected include:

  • Food Safety Certifications
  • Responsible Service of Gaming
  • Responsible Serving of Alcohol
  • Working with Children Check (may be appropriate under certain circumstances in certain working environments)
  • Forklift Licenses

These documents can be requested by you and uploaded by the worker to the platform, so that you can automatically monitor and manage expiries.

If you’re looking to improve your induction and compliance program, then WorkPro can help. With a vast module library, a range of background checks, and the ability to collect licences, tickets and documents, as well as monitor their currency and expiry dates, WorkPro is designed to make workforce compliance simple. To find out more, or to sign up for a free trial, click here.

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