How to induct a remote worker

How to induct a remote worker

Employee Inductions - 14/11/2014

Employee inductions are important for every company, with these processes setting up workers with key knowledge.

While this process is valuable for every new hire, it takes on a new level of importance when it comes to remote workers. With these employees often performing tasks beyond the oversight that a manager can offer, it is important that companies handle this process effectively.

To help, here are three areas that should be included for every remote worker induction.

Unique health and safety demands

Remote workers will have a harder time with work-related health and safety than their office-bound colleagues. While the employer is responsible for the safety of remote staff, it can be hard to get the right protections in place. 

For this reason, a comprehensive occupational health and safety induction is necessary for all remote staff.

Contact mechanisms

Often one of the biggest issues for remote workers is their contact with head office, especially if they are working strange hours or are in a different time zone.

To overcome these obstacles, companies need to have dedicated communication mechanisms and resources that can support their remote staff in any situation. Covering these contact measures as part of an induction is crucial, so that employees can access information as they need it.

Company culture

The culture and attitude of a workplace might seem like an odd concern for companies that are looking to handle their remote staff efficiently. After all, remote workers may not have a strong connection to company culture if they are spending the majority of their working lives on client sites.

While this might be a challenge, it is important to cover company culture during the induction process, so that remote workers have a connection to their colleagues and the company as a whole.

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