How to manage stress in your workplace

How to manage stress in your workplace

Work Health and Safety Training - 18/12/2014

For many Australians, stress is a part of life. Not only are they faced with the challenges that come from modern life, but competing deadlines and fast-changing priorities can definitely play a role in stress.

Stress in the workplace can also have a detrimental effect on staff morale, increasing absenteeism and lowering overall productivity. Faced with these challenges, every company has a clear incentive to pursue a strategy which manages the strain of modern work.

So how can you help to prevent stress from becoming a problem in your workplace? Here are three tips to help you stay on top of well-being in your workplace.

Understand the signs

Detecting stress in the workplace is often very difficult for managers due to its complexity. Not only is it challenging to notice when individuals are experiencing stress, but there are rarely avenues in place for staff to report these feelings.

The challenge then falls to those who manage staff to stay in contact with their employees and create an environment where employees can feel comfortable raising concerns about stress. Other, more obvious signs might include increased absenteeism, especially when it is frequent and short in nature.

Check the scale of the problem

If it is only one or two employees within your team who are experiencing stress, consider ways to target these individuals so that they can stay in the same frame of mind as the rest of your staff. Taking the time to talk to these individuals and address their needs is an easy way to face workplace stress head-on.

However, if stress is a common feature across all of your workers, you might need to take a closer look at your business practices. If a lack of staff has left your employees facing high workloads, this might involve hiring new staff members or spreading projects across other teams.

Another option is to undertake office-wide stress management training so that all of your employees have the skills necessary to handle everyday stress from their work.

Do your homework

There are plenty of resources out there to help you manage stress in your workplace. WorkPro has recently released a free e-book on the topic of workplace stress which can help you understand how to manage these hazards effectively.

You can download WorkPro's free e-book by following this link.

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