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How WorkPro’s Retail Module Can Help Your Business Fly

On face value, retail is a fairly safe industry. However, we know what happens when complacency creeps in.

Although not truly classified as ‘high risk’ there are safety risks and hazards to be addressed.

And for that reason, WorkPro offers a specific safety retail module to help you onboard your workers. So here’s what makes up a great retail safety induction.

Dealing With Manual Tasks
In retail, there’s a lot of unavoidable lifting. Lifting without knowing the proper techniques can be damaging, and can lead to serious injury. At WorkPro, we recognize this, and that’s why we make sure to teach your employees about the proper ways to go about moving heavy objects. The last thing you want when working is an employee to get hurt, and using our module is one of the best ways to help educate your workforce.

Proper Handling of Tools and Equipment
For those outside the retail industry, it may come as a surprise that there’s actually a lot of tools and equipment involved day-to-day. There’s the waste management machinery, meat and bread slicers, dough mixers just to name a handful. It’s important to know when and how to use this equipment, because improper handling can lead to injury. Thankfully, we recognize the importance of not only being educated on how to use these machines, but how also to deal with electrical hazards, and what to do if the equipment isn’t working properly.

As much as it’s an unpleasant truth, there will be times where security may be an issue. Whether it be the pre-Christmas rush, or a quiet day with only a handful of staff on, it’s important to know how to be as safe as possible when it comes to an incident. Our module takes your staff through what to do during an incident, and also how to prevent incidents occurring.

Ladder Safety
While it might be a given for some, not everyone intuitively knows how to use a ladder. Unfortunately, it’s usually an expectation in the retail sector. Luckily, we recognize this, and have tailored our module to suit. We take your employees through how to identify fall risks and how to avoid them, how to safely retrieve objects stored at a height, and how to use ladders. After all, “retail sales assistants are the
third highest occupation group that suffers serious injuries as a result of falls from ladders.” Ladder safety is important, and that’s a major focus of our module. From 2003-2011, there were 37 deaths as a result of ladder falls. A study from 2016 showed every year there were more than 5,000 injuries caused by falls off ladders. More and more, learning ladder safety is becoming essential to avoid injury and implement best practice in the retail workplace.

Knife Safety
Learning to safely use a knife isn’t always easy. A lot, if not all, knife injuries are avoidable, but often people are too afraid to ask how to properly use a knife. That’s where our module comes in handy. We take your employees through how to avoid injury when using a knife, where to store them, and how to protect other people from unexpected injury.

Hazardous Chemicals
You may not think it, but retail can involve hazardous chemicals. These chemicals can cause injury if improperly handled, and it’s important to know how they are meant to be stored. Our module takes you through how to store these chemicals, how to identify different chemicals, and the purpose of a safety data sheet (SDS), which tells you all about the chemical. There were over 900 serious injuries caused by chemicals in 2013-2014, so clearly more needs to be done to protect retail workers.

We welcome you to explore our retail module, or in fact any of our modules listed here. Want more information or want to understand about the broader WorkPro offering? Check us out! And if you’re looking to understand your young workers better, we’ve got your back. Download our free e-book to find out how you can make sure you’re protecting your retail workforce.

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