Today’s workforce is characterised by organisations relying on a blended workforce of permanent and contingent workers.

This workforce revolution brings the need for revision, adjustment and clarification of responsibility for work health and safety. This is particularly the case when engaging Independent Contractors. Under harmonised and non-harmonised WHS laws, PCBU’s are now considered to be ‘workers’.

As a specialist in employee screening and induction, we are pleased to bring you this resource centre. Feel free to browse, download, share and utilise the content available here.


This practical resource articulates the work health and safety responsibilities and obligations of both an Employer and Independent Contractor.


Guide to Model Work Health and Safety Act

This Guide provides a quick overview of the legal obligations that a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) has to an Independent Contractor.


Independent Contractors and Construction

If you’re a PCBU, then you need to be aware that you have specific duties to Independent Contractors when you commission construction work valued at $250K or more.

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An Independent Contractors WHS Responsibility

If you are an Independent Contractor, it is important that you understand your legal obligations and responsibilities.


Independent Contractor Management System

In order for an employer to fulfil their duties to an Independent Contractor, it is important to implement a practical management system.
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Guidance Note

Managing/Administering Independent Contractors

This practical resource provides guidance for both an employer and an Independent Contractor to educate, understand and then administer Contractors to meet legal WHS compliance.