This module provides a broad overview of OHS safety in nursing including a definition of the most common risks and hazards in nursing and how to prevent these risks injuring someone.

The module covers:

  • The most common hazards and risks in nursing work.
  • What the individual can do to prevent these risks injuring them or someone else, as well as how to prevent illness, and
  • Broader safe work principles.

The module topics include:

  • Manual Handling, including:
    • Some of the most common handling risks
    • Explanation of Minimal or ‘No Lift Policy’
    • Safe Lifting Techniques
  • Infection Control, including:
    • Use of gloves and hand washing
    • Cleaning blood and bodily fluids
    • Appropriate response to exposure
  • Sharps
  • Hazardous substances and the MSDS
  • Identifying and preventing occupational violence and an occupational violence plan
  • Fire and Emergency Response Procedure
  • Workplace stress, including a definition, common causes, how to identify and manage workplace stress and some helpful tips.