Just what the doctor ordered!

Just what the doctor ordered!

general practitioners - 05/06/2019

It is becoming increasingly difficult for many Australians to find a readily available general practitioner, despite an increase in the overall number of doctors. This shortage is being exacerbated by an aging population and because doctors tending to specialise rather than becoming GPs. Apps like Doqtorific and Medic Oncall are helping to bridge this gap, by servicing areas that might otherwise not have access to medical care when needed, particularly in remote, rural and outback areas.

Locum doctors are a necessary solution to the increasing shortage of GPs in Australia. A locum position can range from a single shift of a few hours, to a block of shifts over days, weeks or months. While many doctors do not choose to be locums long-term, it is a way for doctors to travel, spend annual leave, or simply experience practicing medicine in a completely different environment. There are thousands of doctors involved in the locum workforce in Australia, and they often provide medical assistance in areas that might not otherwise receive it.

WorkPro is proud to release our new locum module, designed by subject matter experts to provide an overview of key work health and safety issues for individuals working under a locum arrangement. The module educates locums on industry and role specific workplace hazards, including working alone, stress, fatigue, health hazards and workplace behaviour. It also discusses emergency procedures and the reporting of hazards and incidents.

The Locum eLearning module forms part of WorkPro’s suite of healthcare modules, allowing you to build a comprehensive induction for any worker you are bringing into the healthcare industry. The suite includes modules covering emergency management in nursing, basic life support, CPR, elder abuse, human service worker safety and nursing worker safety.

WorkPro has a range of general and industry specific modules designed for many other industries, so you can customise your safety induction to the role you’re hiring for. Click here to find out more about WorkPro can help your business.

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