Licence Management – June 2013

Licence Management – June 2013

Blog - 25/06/2013

Launch of Unique Licence Management Facility Reduces Workplace Risk

In many workplaces, certain activities, equipment or substances pose a risk to workers or the public. Workers and employers engaged in this work, or who use particular equipment or materials, are required to hold a licence.

From 2011, under the new National Model Law, it became mandatory for a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) at a workplace to not allow a worker to carry out high risk work for which a licence is required, unless the person sees written evidence, by the worker that they hold the relevant high risk licence for that work.

Up until now, the only way to track and manage licence/ticket currency was to rely on the organisation implementing their own procedure.

To enhance the management of this critical workplace risk, WorkPro worked with subject matter experts and its customers to devise a simple method to not only capture licence information, but to proactively manage the renewal of licences. WorkPro has achieved this by allowing the individual to register licence details in the on-line portal, whereby the system automatically generates expiry reminder email alerts to both the individual and employer or PCBU.

Additionally, employers can quickly and transparently view licences due for renewal in a particular period, or licences that are expired, which in turn allows them to manage the renewal process in collaboration with the individual, to ensure productivity is maintained and workplace risk is minimised.

General Manager of WorkPro, Tania Evans, stated  ‘WorkPro is renowned in the market for continuing to work with industry to monitor and identify potential safety and compliance issues. The management of licence currency, given the penalties involved for an organisation who engages a person who does not hold a current licence, without even taking in to consideration the safety risk aspect, was impetus for our team to develop a simple, integrated methodology.  As the industry leader in employee screening and compliance, we recognised  a comprehensive program must involve individual’s and employers working cohesively to reduce workplace and employee risk by ensuring that licences and tickets remain current.

Coupled with WorkPro’s other screening and compliance services, including a broad course library of work health and safety inductions, instant national police check, integrated visa check and now transparent licence management facility, we are helping Australia remain productive and safe.

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