Major partnerships announced with Bullhorn and FastTrack360!

Major partnerships announced with Bullhorn and FastTrack360!

announcements - 24/06/2019

WorkPro have partnered with leading candidate recruitment management platforms, Bullhorn and FastTrack360, to present a more convenient, faster and effective method to screen, educate, induct workers, and to keep track of important compliance elements.

Bullhorn is a global brand specialising in customer relationship management and operations software for the recruitment industry. The integration means that recruiters remain within the Bullhorn interface while accessing WorkPro’s suite of workforce compliance and background checks. Administrators no longer need to move between systems, making recruiters more efficient, and increasing the transparency of compliance. Read more about our partnership with Bullhorn at:

FastTrack360 is one of the leading end-to-end recruitment management systems in Australia and New Zealand. Using WorkPro’s integration, and utilising the FastTrack360 new custom section and action functionality, customers can now access WorkPro directly from within their FastTrack360 experience. This enhances customer efficiency, time to hire and candidate transparency, while ensuring that legislative compliance requirements continue to be met. Read more about our partnership with FastTrack360 at:

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