New innovation assists organisations to manage workforce journeys

New innovation assists organisations to manage workforce journeys

Telework, Remote and Isolated work - 16/06/2014

WHS Legislation specifies that an organisation is required to implement a communication process and system for remote and isolated workers. One of the questions is how to do this in a practical way.

A clever Australian innovation is now available that deals with the ‘journey’ for those working alone.

Called JESI (Journey’s-Event-Safety-Innovation), the software very simply transparently manages your employees journeys through a series of automated alerts.

We’ve had a tour of the software, and basically, once an account is established, including Users and a series of ‘point people’ for each User for alert purposes, the User uploads details of their journey and once activated, if the User does not ‘check-in’, the system is set up to send automated triggers to both as SMS and email. The trigger alerts the ‘point person’ that the individual may not have arrived at the destination as expected, and the appropriate response in line with your safe system of work is then triggered.

It’s definitely cost-effective, and we thought a great tool to contribute to the safe system of work procedure for an organisation that has a lot of employees who regularly travel (nationally and internationally). I understand that many large Australian organisations have already adopted the software.

For further information, or to register for a free-7 day trial go to: or call Kathy Wilson on 0427 400 602

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