Bullhorn is the global leader in CRM and operations software for the recruitment industry. More than 8,000 recruitment companies rely on Bullhorn’s cloud-based platform to drive sales, build relationships, and power their recruitment processes from end to end.

It offers email integrations, social media integration, reporting tools, mobile recruiting, and passive activity tracking and helps businesses manage contacts, track candidates, post job openings, and fill open positions.

Bullhorn integrates with third-party email service providers such as Gmail and Outlook to send, receive, and track communications. Users can view information about candidates from their inbox and access resumes, add notes, share details, create new tasks, and schedule appointments. Bullhorn also integrates with LinkedIn Recruiter.

Bullhorn offers built-in reporting and analytics capabilities to help users track interactions with candidates. The configurable dashboard allows users to customize layout screens according to their preferences and helps to track business KPIs. Some of the additional features of Bullhorn are workflow management, job posting, mobile accessibility, social recruiting, and data storage.

Here’s how it works

A full integration into the Bullhorn platform means that your candidates can seamlessly access their WorkPro account within Bullhorn as part of a seamless onboarding process.

Every candidate will need to have a WorkPro account and enable Bullhorn, one time, from within the WorkPro portal marketplace. Once this step has been completed, all of each candidate’s WorkPro information will be accessible via Bullhorn’s dashboard – it’s that easy!

How to get setup

If you are looking to setup a Bullhorn account or you have an existing account with Bullhorn and would like more information on how WorkPro can help your business, you can submit an enquiry via this form or phone Bullhorn on +61 2 9200 3500


  • WorkPro integrates within the Bullhorn environment as an ‘i-frame’.
  • The i-frame version basically means that customers are using WorkPro within the Bullhorn environment, but the data does NOT flow in to the Bullhorn database, the data still resides within WorkPro, it is just that a customer can use WorkPro within Bullhorn.
  • A client cannot do certain things in the Bullhorn environment though. These include:
    • Bulk Request
    • Establishing Packages
    • Track Request (although that is coming)
    • Bulk VEVO Check/bulk Induction Verification


Once the integration is enabled within Bullhorn, WorkPro is visible in the tabs across the top

Once WorkPro is selected within the platform, it appears like this:

Note that the SUMMARY screen has been created to act like the WorkPro dashboard – showing the candidate’s activity.

Instructions for you to enable the integration

The following outlines the process for connecting Bullhorn clients to the WorkPro platform:

Step 1: Confirm your data centre with Bullhorn and request a custom tab.
Step 2: Once you have this information, each user with a Bullhorn username must log in to WorkPro (using a WorkPro username and password), select ‘Marketplace’ from the menu in the top right, select ‘Bullhorn’ and the correct data centre.
Step 3: A Bullhorn login page will automatically populate in a new tab. Enter your Bullhorn username and password.
Step 4: The single sign-on (SSO) is processed by WorkPro and the two systems are now tied together.
Step 5: If you see WorkPro functions as three separate tabs, e.g. ‘work rights’, ‘inductions’, etc, request Bullhorn to update to a single tab only.

You only ever need to do this once, but every user who has a Bullhorn user name needs to be follow these steps.
Once the single sign-on is operational, you only need to log in to Bullhorn in the future, not WorkPro.

Built for Recruitment

The Bullhorn platform is purpose-built to cater towards the needs of a recruitment agency, helping them to manage clients and candidates in one unified place.

Built for You

Users can customize their layouts, list views, and workflows to align with their process. Bullhorn is committed to delivering you a completely personalized experience.

Built for The Future

Fast-growing firms cannot afford to be held back or limited in anyway by technology. Bullhorn is built to scale and grow with you.

Success stories

“I really think the customisability allows Bullhorn to suit businesses of all sizes, and we’re a great example. The implementation was brilliant and Bullhorn’s project management was exceptional – it really surpassed our speed and implementation expectations.”

Ali Kimmorley
Managing Director, peoplefusion

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