Through a unique, proven online system Expr3ss! quickly and cost-effectively pinpoints only those applicants with the right skills, attitudes and cultural fit required. It’s Australian predictive hiring software, it’s the best recruitment software solution for any business and it works!

Expr3ss! software that simplifies staff selection is web-based [SaaS], accessible 24X7 (wherever an internet connection is available), on any device and sits on a company’s website as its careers page.

It is more than an ATS that automates CV collection and forces recruiters to read more CVs. It is software that simplifies staff selection and removes the guesswork for employers on who to hire. It does this by employing our unique star rating system.

Expr3ss! acts like a funnel that captures all an employer needs to know about an applicant for a job from any advertising source. It uses unique algorithms early in the application process to help pinpoint those applicants that are likely to be successful in a role.

Our customers avoid CV fatigue and eliminate human bias in hiring by using Expr3ss!

Waste less time interviewing unsuitable applicants who aren’t a good fit and minimise spend on job advertising – that is what you can expect when using Expr3ss!

Expr3ss! Customers have the following to say:

Marc Calwell from Kennards Hire said:

"First things first: It is not complicated. And yet it has so much depth to it."

Sharyn Coles from Robern Menz said:

"it is a great system... Just to have everything there. It's the experience of it. I love the whole thing, calendar, messaging... ot's so easy."

Laiken McCabe from RHL Group:

"Recruiting isn't hard, but we tend to make it harder than it needs to be. Expr3ss! simplifies the whole process for us."

Here’s how it works

Expr3ss! uses WorkPro’s technology to perform candidate work rights checks and monitor Visa expiries.

This is done simply and seamlessly in the Expr3ss! environment, where the Hiring Manager can send a request to a candidate to complete required information, and upload proof of identity.

The dynamic status change means the Hiring Manager is automatically alerted when the information has been uploaded and is ready to submit to the Department of Home Affairs VEVO database for checking.

How to get setup

If you are looking to setup an Expr3ss! account or you have an existing account with Expr3ss! and would like more information on how WorkPro can help your business, you can submit an enquiry via this form or phone Expr3ss! on 1800 005 598.

Cut hiring wastage: time and money

Over the course of more than a decade, Expr3ss! has collected numerous examples of customers saving 80% in time and enjoying over 50% reduction in staff turnover.

Provide Process and Rigour on Secure Service

Both the customer's processes and database (housed in Expr3ss!) is standardised and streamlined, thanks to the fact that all applicants undergo the same application process. As a result, Users can see everything they need to know about an applicant by the hover of a mouse.

Build a Talent Pool

Not only does having access to pre-screened talent accelerate your time-to-hire, building your own pre-qualified Talent Pool reduces the need and the cost of advertising for roles as well.

Hire for attitude, fire less...

Thanks to the fact that Expr3ss! simplifies the staff selection process, our customers can easily uphold a high-quality applicant experience - helping customers get maximum positive brand exposure and connotation with minimum manual input.

Customer success statistics


  • Puratap (Call Centre) saves $200,000 in direct recruitment costs in 18 months
  • Beaumont Tiles now retains 97.5% of staff as it grows
  • Radio Rentals and RT Edwards achieves 2X and 3X staff retention, respectively
  • Krispy Kreme sort over 1,800 applications, appoint 142 staff in 15 days!
  • Spend-less Shoes realises savings exceeding $150K per annum

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