Payroll and HR doesn’t need to be complicated, it just needs to be effective.

Frustrated by experiences with inadequate HR platforms, it was clear there had to be something more. So we used our experience to create something special, developing the foundU platform to tackle the everyday problems of managing your workforce.

Your employees are the lifeblood of your business, however they are also a commodity. Our all-in-one solution optimises your workforce from recruitment to payroll, while promoting employee engagement.

We don't just do old things in new ways, we do new things. Instead of changing processes, we eliminate them. We take the complex, and we automate it to ensure your time is spent on the important stuff.

Now a sophisticated employee management platform – foundU continues to use grassroots experience to solve real problems. No other solution comes close.

Here’s how it works

foundU has embedded WorkPro’s technology within its platform to enable customers to perform instant citizenship and work rights checks. Seamlessly integrated with the Department of Home Affairs Visa Entitlement Verification database, the integration enables foundU customers to access information as it relates to work rights to make an informed employment decision.

How to get setup

If you are interested in hearing more about foundU’s platform, and using WorkPro’s citizenship and work rights checks express via foundU, you can submit an enquiry via this form or phone foundU on 07 3876 3783.


Recruitment transformed. The self-managed application process lets you build your team quickly and effectively. An Applicant Tracking dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of your talent pool.


No more paperwork! Configured to suit your requirements, the employee HR onboarding journey captures industry specific qualifications and licences, Australian Work Rights information and financial details.


Streamlined workforce management. Fully costed rosters are created in minutes, with published shifts communicated via SMS or email. Employees can check their shifts at any time using any device.


Truly end-to-end. Inbuilt Award and Agreement rules automatically calculate payroll based on approved hours. The foundU Platform makes payroll easy (and we’re single touch payroll compliant too)!


Real time data to help manage your business. A full suite of financial and workforce reports can be produced to integrate with your accounting software.

Success stories

“As a rapidly growing organisation our manual payroll and human resources systems were struggling to keep up. Once we had fully transitioned our HR admin, it made sense to start using foundU for our rostering and timesheets. When that was working smoothly, transitioning payroll was the next logical step. foundU has saved us so much time and money – and we are thrilled to have a streamlined system that makes our recruitment process, rostering and payroll simple and stress free. It is wonderful to know that we have a robust system that efficiently manages our HR admin and payroll requirements now and as we continue to expand.”

Be part of something awesome.

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