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"As one of the pioneers in the recruitment software industry, we’ve been around long enough to know what’s hot and what’s not in the recruitment world.

We started QJumpers more than 10 years ago, with the goal of bringing flexibility to the recruitment process for everyone, whether hiring or hoping to be hired.

After many years in the recruitment game, we knew there had to be a better solution to the traditional recruitment model but we couldn’t find anything that ticked all of our boxes.

So we created it. QJumpers software is designed by recruiters, for recruiters – which makes a whole lot of difference.”

Simon Oldham

Here’s how it works

WorkPro is integrated with the QJumpers platform which means that you can send, track and manage a MoJ check from a QJumpers account.

This is done seamlessly through the QJumpers dashboard which takes place when a request link is sent to a registered candidate.

This link is then used by the candidate to submit all their required identification which is then shared with their recruiter, processed and stored securely.

WorkPro automatically updates the application’s status within the QJumpers dashboard as it moves through the MoJ checking process.

How to get setup

If you are looking to setup a QJumpers account or you have an existing account with QJumpers and would like more information on how WorkPro can help your business, you can submit an enquiry via this form or phone QJumpers on 0800 758 673.


Develop your own database of top talent

Highly skilled candidates are also highly sought after candidates. You need to quickly identify who is a good fit for your role and contact them straight away.


Talk to real people in your language

We started QJumpers to make it easier for hiring managers to hire. Along the way, we’ve built real relationships with our clients, based on listening and understanding where they’re coming from.


Generate reports and analyse key data with ease

Knowledge is power. The QJumpers recruitment system captures all kinds of information, with plenty of ways to analyse it. We have developed a series of standard reports that will give you pretty much everything you need.


Align and automate workflows to suit your business.

Every candidate is different. So is every company. Why use a recruitment system that isn't flexible?


QJumpers can offer you Recruitment Support in a number of different areas.

Often these relate to your recruitment process, choosing where to advertise, how to write a job ad or management of an employee or employees.

Success story

“The QJumpers dashboard is simple and effective and easy for everyone to transition into. Our experience is that QJumpers have been very open and listened well. "... after all, they’re the experts in what they do.”

Toyota NZ

Be part of something awesome.

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