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  • Understanding Workplace Stress
  • Prevalence of Workplace Stress
  • The Employer’s Responsibility
  • Legislative Overview
  • Case Law
  • Practical tips and tools to identify, manage and prevent workplace stress


What you need to know

Workplace stress costs Australian businesses $10.11 billion per annum due to stress-related presenteeism and absenteeism.

The complex nature of workplace stress makes it difficult to identify, manage and ultimately prevent. It not only affects the psychological and physical health of workers, but can also have a substantial impact on productivity, affecting the business and economy at large.

An employer has an obligation to provide a safe workplace and to ensure the health of their workforce while they areon the job, this extends to providing a work environment that minimises unreasonable levels of stress as far as possible.

This e-book explains how to identify workplace stress and presents practical tips and tools to identify, manage and prevent workplace stress for both workers and employers.