Background Screening

Background Screening

Who you engage can impact on every area of your business, from staff morale to operational efficiency, profitability and your company’s overall reputation. An efficient and effective employee screening process reduces the risks associated with worker engagement as well as supporting the efforts of your business to attract and retain talent. It’s that simple.

Having been a part of the employment landscape for close to ten years, WorkPro’s Background Screening services, are designed to suit the nature of your business and your talent management process. Partnering with the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC), New Zealand’s Ministry of Justice and business partner RISQ who has over 15 years local and international experience and capability, WorkPro offers you a comprehensive suite of centralised employment probity and background screening services that aim to help you minimise risk, meet your legal obligations and protect your business.

Why is pre-employment screening so important?

In years gone by, hiring a new employee relied largely on trial and error. HR professionals simply didn’t have the resources or data necessary to thoroughly investigate a potential candidate, which often resulted in bad hires – mistakes that could easily cost companies hours of lost time and tens of thousands of dollars.

Thankfully, things are changing, and we’re proud to say that we’re playing a role in this evolution. As part of Australia’s HR industry for almost 10 years, we’re committed to providing businesses with the tools and insights they need to make more informed decisions during the hiring and onboarding process. Not only can this help you save time and money, it also allows you to focus on more important endeavours such as growing the company, improving workplace efficiencies or delivering a better product or service to your clients.

How do our pre-employment checks work?

Undertaking a pre-employment check with WorkPro is simple and intuitive, thanks to our easy-to-use interface. Our employment screening services are comprised of a number of different elements, including:

  • Police Checks: Verify a candidate’s criminal history with quick turnaround times. This is particularly important for roles that involve a high level of responsibility.
  • Work rights check: Ensure that the prospective employee is legally allowed to work in your country.
  • Credit and financial check: Gain valuable insight into a candidate’s financial history and relationship with debt. Conducted via an online search of an Australian or New Zealand credit bureau, the report includes the last seven years of data. We’ll provide you with a final copy of the report for your records.
  • Employment history check: Verify the candidate’s previous places of employment to ensure his or her skill set will be suitable for the job. Some of the details we collect include dates of employment, previous positions held, salary and reasons for leaving previous roles. We typically obtain employment data dating back seven years, but for directors or senior executives this can be extended beyond 10 years.
  • International police check: Protect yourself, your other employees and your company. Our international police checks reveal a candidate’s criminal history, regardless of where they lived in the past.
  • Qualification check: Confirm the candidate’s certifications are legitimate. We verify the institution and the highest qualification the candidate has listed.
  • Ministry of Justice Checks: New Zealand employers can use this service to gain insight into an applicant’s history. Priority service guarantees a five-day turnaround or you can opt for the free service, which takes around 20 days.

By partnering with government and private bodies, we’re able to deliver an exhaustive background screening service, enabling you to comply with all relevant legal requirements, minimise the chances of a hiring the wrong person and ultimately protecting your business.

What are the benefits of using WorkPro’s pre-employment screening services?

Time is money, and few tools can streamline a process quite like our background checks. By leveraging our pre-employment screening services, you’re able to get near-instant results, thanks to our arrangements with our partners.

Due to the sensitive information they contain, background checks require some fairly stringent management processes. We’ll take care of all of this on your behalf, securely storing all the necessary documents and destroying the results automatically. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re complying with all the relevant rules and regulations.

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Inductions & eLearning

If you employ people you have a legal responsibility to ensure you provide WHS and EEO induction training for new employees to minimise the risk of work related injury.

WorkPro takes the complexity out of this compliance for you and provides an online solution that delivers and manages these mandatory training requirements. Easily and confidently fulfil your legal obligations, protect your staff and access your information whenever and wherever you need it. Benefit from:

  • Legally Approved Content
  • Web-based management, monitoring and delivery
  • A Friendly Pricing Structure



We can also help you with

  • Access a practical course library that is job and industry based.

  • Minimise risk, meet your legal obligations and protect your business with comprehensive probity and background screening services.

  • Track & manage the currency of your employees licences.

  • Access to instant, transparent information through seamless VEVO integration.


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