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Employee Inductions and Work Health and Safety Training:

A key mandatory employment responsibility today is the delivery and management of a robust WHS Induction and EEO training program for new employees.

WorkPro recognises the complexity of this fundamental compliance management element and has partnered with legal specialists to develop a broad course library of practical job and industry related work health and safety induction modules, delivering relevance and minimising the risk of work related injury.

Why is a comprehensive employee induction so important?

Research suggests that businesses are developing a better understanding of health and safety in the workplace. The rate of work-related injuries and illnesses dropped from 6.4 per cent in 2005/06 to 4.3 per cent in 2014, according to figures collated by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. While this is certainly a step in the right direction, it’s also clear that there is still a lot of room for improvement.

Developing a strong WHS induction process is a significant commitment and investment in light of constantly changing legislation and regulations.

Keeping abreast of changes is vital to ensuring your work health and safety program remains relevant and complaint and mitigates the risk of injury to your workforce, and that’s where we come in.

What are the advantages of WorkPro’s induction solution?

WorkPro understands that staff inductions are an imperative business requirement. Our solution provides a simple-to-use, cost-effective employee on-boarding and work health and safety induction program. Both intuitive and robust, the system makes it easy for your organisation to meet its legal compliance obligations.

Each enterprise is different, which means your employee induction requirements will be unique. WorkPro provides you the ability to build tailored staff inductions based on an extensive course library, choosing the content that best meets your employees’ roles and your organisation’s risk management and compliance goals. That way, your work health and safety training will fit seamlessly into your enterprise’s broader strategies.

Not every employee has the same learning style. WorkPro recognises this and has designed a system that is self-paced, and includes a variety of rich media to accommodate a breadth of learning styles. Each course includes audio, static images, YouTube clips, graphics and words, so you can be assured that the delivery is engaging, relevant and suitable.

WorkPro’s work health and safety induction process is today known as an industry best practice, having set the standard for inductions across a multitude of industries. Once users complete their work health and safety training, the module remains current for two-years. They can then share their training results with other licenced WorkPro companies in the future.

For employees, this can drastically reduce induction fatigue, and for employers, it may eliminate the need to re-deliver the same or similar training content, reducing the time-to-hire. This unique feature could make it easier to on-board new hires, as staff that has already completed this training can be fast-tracked through induction programs.

As a comprehensive staff induction solution, WorkPro also integrates the Fair Work Statement, work rights and licence/ticket management and background checks into its suite of services.

Additionally it is possible to customise the program to suit your business and compliance needs, including building your own custom content. The result is a tailored employee onboarding program centralising a range of Workforce compliance in a single system.

What makes WorkPro different?

To mitigate compliance and other risks, you need staff inductions that are relevant for your specific industry and operations. WorkPro offers a wide range of modules that are tailored to particular industries, roles, and hazards. With this diversity at your disposal, you can create a stronger employee induction process that addresses your company’s unique needs and safety challenges.

Every module in the WorkPro library has been developed in partnership with legal specialists to ensure the content continues to align with National Work Health and Safety laws. The content is regularly reviewed, ensuring it remains fresh and legislatively correct.

Coupled with the industry-specific module library, WorkPro’s online process and two-year currency for each course sets it apart. The system generously reduces the work health and safety compliance burden for both the learner and the employer. More relevant content fuels more efficient training, while recognising induction achievements for two years reduces redundant processes.

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If you employ people, whether they be permanent, contractors or volunteers, you have a legal responsibility to provide WHS and EEO induction training to minimize the risk of work related injury.

WorkPro takes the complexity out of this compliance for you and provides a solution that delivers and manages these mandatory training requirements.

Easily and confidently fulfil your legal obligations, protect your staff and access your information whenever and wherever you need it.

Partnering with legal specialists, WorkPro have developed a broad course library of practical job and industry related work health and safety training modules, so your staff can complete specific training that is most relevant to their role. Modules are constantly reviewed and updated to ensure they are relevant, and in line with current legislation.

WorkPro has integrated the Fair Work Statement as part of the suite of modules to further centralise the employee’s induction.

This system is delivered online, via a secure, user friendly web platform. With a single login you can track and manage completion of employment related training.

The WHS modules cater for an individual’s unique learning style by delivering the content using words, images, movies, audio and graphics in a self-paced environment.

All modules include competency-based assessment to confirm that the learner understands the content.

WorkPro provides fair and equitable volume-based pricing. You can put through as many people as you like and only pay when you produce the certificate of completion.

Take your business to the next level by Customising WorkPro for your business

Did you know, that as an Inductions customer, you can brand WorkPro and tailor it to suit your business needs?

  • Provide brand consistency across your on-boarding process
  • Centralise all of your staff compliance
  • Streamline and enhance the individual’s induction and on-boarding experience
  • Give new staff a quality experience
  • Release you from messy paperwork
  • Make your job easier


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  • Access a practical course library that is job and industry based.

  • Minimise risk, meet your legal obligations and protect your business with comprehensive probity and background screening services.

  • Track & manage the currency of your employees licences.

  • Access to instant, transparent information through seamless VEVO integration.


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