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Working with industry, clients and subject matter experts, we’ve built a practical course library that addresses risks and hazards in particular jobs and industries with the objective of delivering key information that aims to reduce the risk of injury to workers.

Our modules are all written against legislative framework to ensure that you meet your compliance obligations.

Where we’re different, is that our modules are based on risks and hazards associated with the job and industry as opposed to generic risk and hazard content.

They are delivered in a practical, engaging and self-paced manner to cater for different learning needs.

You can browse our module library below:

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We can help you with

  • Access a practical course library that is job and industry based.

  • Minimise risk, meet your legal obligations and protect your business with comprehensive probity and background screening services.

  • Track & manage the currency of your employees licences.

  • Access to instant, transparent information through seamless VEVO integration.


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