Stress levels increasing for Australian workers

Stress levels increasing for Australian workers

Work Health and Safety Training - 15/08/2014

Australian workers are under greater stress than ever, according to a recent report from the Australian Psychological Society.

The report found that, over the last few years, rates of work-related stress have been increasing steadily. Issues in the workplace were a relevant factor in 34 per cent of the reported incidents of stress in 2013.

This was up from 32 per cent in 2012 and 30 per cent in 2011, suggesting that workplace stress is creeping into the lives of more and more Australians.

Although issues arising from work were not the most common source of stress, other factors have not recorded such strong growth. The study found that while issues relating to personal finance and health factors were both more common, these have reduced considerably since 2011.

At the same time, the survey found that conditions associated with stress, particularly anxiety and depression, have become more severe. When respondents were asked to rate the seriousness of their stress-related symptoms, there was a much higher rate of severe stress levels than in previous years.

While this might paint a bleak picture for Australia's working population, there was also good news to come out of the survey. Employed participants had lower levels of stress than other groups, with both students and the unemployed having higher responses.

Respondents are also becoming more likely to seek out help, with employee assistance programs and other support mechanisms becoming more common.

If your workplace is concerned about the levels of stress staff are experiencing, WorkPro has released an e-book on this topic. The book provides plenty of helpful advice and statistics to help your company maintain a healthy environment for all your employees.

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