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dangerous goods - 21/05/2019

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hospitality - 16/05/2019
Since 2003, 3,604 Australian workers have lost their lives ‘on the job’, including 158 in 2018. Employing people in restaurants, hotels and pubs can prove to be a surprisingly dangerous work environment.
australian workplaces - 07/05/2019
Bullying is once again in the news, after the manager of a company selling nuts, dried fruits and candies in shopping centres, John’s Nuts Operations Pty Ltd, was convicted and fined $7500 for bullying

We are proud to announce that WorkPro has partnered with global recruitment software giant, Bullhorn, to bring a new level of efficiency, productivity and transparency to the recruitment industry.  With

Is it worth the risk not to? Depending on the industry in which you operate, you may well be considering stepping up your background checks from essential work rights and police checks, to include probity,

The transport industry offers many different roles within the supply chain. In order to meet the different demands that your business may have when it comes to inducting new workers, WorkPro offers a range

There’s no one size fits all approach to business, and the safety induction you provide to new employees is no different. A safety induction should be designed to prepare employees for their new role,

Since 2012, 137 workers or bystanders were struck by, trapped or run over by a forklift. This resulted in two fatalities, and 88 serious injuries. Forklifts are one of the most dangerous aspects of a worksite,

Is your business involved with the transportation and handling of harmful/dangerous substances? Then it’s crucial that you understand how to protect your workers, yourself and your workplace that you